Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 REVIEW After 1 Week: Pros & Cons

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 REVIEW After 1 Week: Pros & Cons

Hey whats up: This is the last articleabout Xiaomi Redmi Note 10. I have beentesting this phone for over a week now and during that time I have found some advantagesand disadvantages of this mobile device.Actually. Redmi Note 10 has onlysome shortcomings, but you shouldknow about them before buying it. By the way you can watch our previousarticles about this smartphone such as unboxing performance, test, camera test and battery test.

Ok lets start this article withadvantages of Xiaomi Redmi, Note 10.Pros, DesignYou, know Redmi, Note 10 is a budgetsmartphone, but it has very good. Design.It comes with hole-punch display and thinbezels around the screen on the front.On, the back.

We can see a new main camera. Setup.There are four camera sensors on the rear panel, but we will talk about them later.
Now, what Iwant to say is that the camera looks very nice.The, fingerprint reader islocated on the side, face.

y the way Redmi Note, 10 islightweight only grams.It also has a good size and curved back panel, so the phone is comfortable to hold in one hand.New. Xiaomi phone has 3
5Mm audio jack, USB Type-Cport and 3-card slot design, so you can use dualSIM and microSD memory card at the same time, AMOLED DisplayThe next feature of Redmi Note. 10 is AMOLEDdisplay.

Most budget phones have IPS panels, but the new Xiaomi devicecomes with super AMOLED screen.AMOLED, has some advantages over LCD panels. Suchas remarkable colors and deep black Also RedmiNote 10 has always-on display thanks to AMOLED
By the way the screen diagonal is 6.43 inches. Andresolution is Full HD 1080 by 2400 pixels PerformanceRedmi.

Note 10 is the first smartphone on the newSnapdragon 678 chipset. We already have a articlewith performance test of the new Xiaomi phone and you can watch it by the link in description.The performance of Redmi. Note 10 is very good.
You wont have any problems with user interface, most apps as well as heavy games such as PUBGMobile Call of Duty

You can even play GenshinImpact on this smartphone CameraYou know Xiaomi Redmi, Note 10has only 48MP main sensor, I sayONLY ( ), because some other Xiaomiphones already have 64MP and even 108MP cameras.

owever. I really like thephotos taken on this phone both day and night.
There is also ultra-wideangle macro and bokeh All of these modeswork very well: Dual SpeakerThe latest Xiaomi, smartphones, havedual speaker, including Redmi, Note 10.I, like this trend, because many people watcharticles through the built-in smartphone speaker.The speaker quality, is very good.

On Redmi Note, 10
Batterythe new Xiaomi Redmi Note: 10smartphone has 5000mAh battery.For comparison, we have tested Redmi 9T someweeks ago, and this phone has 6000mAh battery.However Redmi. Note 10 has much longer batterylife 15 and a half hours screen on time, while Redmi 9T has almost 11 hours Ithink. This is because of AMOLED panel.

3W Fast Charging. Also, the new Xiaomismartphone has 33W fast charging.
The fullbattery charge takes only one and a half hours.You know. I noticed that the last one percentcharge took almost 20 minutes.

It is quitestrange, don’t you think ConsOK Redmi Note 10 has many advantages, but also there are some drawbacks.Plastic case and fingerprints. I already said that I likedesign of new Xiaomi smartphone butthe case is made of glossy plastic
Its main problem is that it leaves fingerprints. However, you will probably be using a protectivecase, so I don’t think it is a big problem. 60Hz display ( IPS, Poco, X3 120Hz ) Redmi, Note 10 has AMOLED panel and it has manyadvantages over IPS screen.

However, the displayof Xiaomi phone supports only 60Hz refresh rate. For example, the budget Poco X3 has IPS screen and120Hz refresh rate
The higher the screenrefresh rate, the smoother interface.I, think this is a missingpoint of Xiaomi Redmi. Note 10.No Image stabilization in 4K, The last and perhaps the biggestdrawback of the new Xiaomi device is the lackof image stabilization when shooting article in4K resolution and even 1080P 60 FPS.

If you want to shoot a smooth article, then you need to record it in1080P 30 fps or use a phone gimbal.So. These are my impressions of Redmi Note 10after a week of use.
I will be using it for alittle while longer, and I will probably do aarticle after a month of use, Subscribe to ourchannel Tech Brothers.

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