Xiaomi 12 Pro Unboxing & First Impressionsāš”We Unboxed The Most Powerful Xiaomi SmartphonešŸ˜®

  • This is the first phone in our studio, which has an antutu score of 1M & the triple cameras. Are all primary of 50MP Ill. Tell you everything about the Xiaomi 12 Pro and we have already done the unboxing of the Xiaomi 12. In this video, we will tell you the differences. I don’t care if they rename this phone.


I just hope they launch it here in India, Theres some documentation & a case which could’ve been better. This is the phone & a 120W charger. Xiaomi 12 had a 67W Theres, also a USB type, A to C cable & a sim card tool. We ordered this from China. The color is the same as in 12.


This has a glossy finish. The primary sensor is bigger just in size because they all are 50MP, It has curved glass & a metal frame. The in-hand feel is good. It is not that big, generally, all the Pro variants are bigger in size. Lets check the weight.


It has a bigger battery than the Xiaomi 12. It is 205.4 gms. The case is okayish. Let’S drop this.


It comes with a gorilla glass victus. I don’t know if the microphones catch the noise of the phone when it falls, but it makes a big thud sound. The ports and buttons are the same. There’S a big upgrade in the display Like and subscribe to the channel until the phone starts. There are a lot of unboxing videos on the way.


This is a 6.73 2K screen the Xiaomi 12 was a compact phone with a 6.28 screen. It will adjust the refresh rate from 1Hz to 20Hz. According to your usage, It has Dolby vision, support with 1500 nits brightness Because of the curved-screen. The side bezels almost disappears the top bezel and the chin is also very thin.


The cutout of the center punchole is small. This comes with a 8 Gen1 and comes in 3 variants. 8Gb 128GB 8GB, 256GB & 12GB 256GB. The phone which we have has an antutu score of 975526 and the 12GB variant crosses the 1M mark. Xiaomi has added a performance boost mode & when you enable it.


You get the fullest performance experience, but you have to enable it. It has a UFS 3.1 & LPDDR5 & it has a 100mAh more battery than the Xiaomi 12s 4600mAh battery With the 120W fast charging. The phone charges in 17-18 minutes & also supports 50W wireless charging. It has an Android 12 based MIUI13 OS, go and watch the full video I made on MIUI13 Ill just talk about the differences in camera because I uploaded a video about Xiaomi 12, which has the same features.


The camera is a big upgrade having 50MP 50MP 50MP. The primary sensor is supported by IMX707. The second has a 2x telephoto & the third is a 50MP ultrawide. The FOV is just 115 Ill show some samples on the screens. You can shoot videos in 8K @ 24, fps and 4K @ 60 fps, but the front doesn’t support 4K, but only 1080 @ 60 fps & is 32MP And the photos are great.

The highlight was a dolly zoom of the camera, where the background appears to be zooming out Generally, only high-end cameras support the dolly zoom Generally. Xiaomi phones have a macro camera at the back, but you can use telephoto as a macro sensor. The rest of the features like connectivity etc are the same as Xiaomi 12. So I won’t go much into the details. The phone cost around 54-55K & – I don’t think the compact Xiaomi 12 will launch in India, But this could launch because the ultra variant launched too This aces in all the three departments performance display & the camera – that a phone should have Ask all your questions.


Using # askarun and Ill answer them. That’S all for todays video. Until the next one Keep Trakin & Stay Safe.


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