Why the iPhone 13 will be worth waiting for! (New Leaks)

Why the iPhone 13 will be worth waiting for! (New Leaks)

Over the weekend, we got a massive flood of iPhone 13 leaks from some very reliable and reputable sources, so its looking more and more like the next iPhone is gon na, be really really good, which I personally wasnt expecting after the incredibly successful super-cycle iPhone 12 release. So in this article Im gon na be discussing the history of iPhone 13 leaks and rumors before getting into all of the fresh stuff and Ill also be sharing my opinion on these leaks as well. So lets get right into it, But first Ive got ta, give a shoutout to Sam at Appletrack.com for putting together the best website out there for keeping track of Apple leaks and rumors and near the bottom of the list. We find our very first iPhone.

13 leaks from way back in May of 2020

Both John Prosser and LovetoDream shared their thoughts over a tweet that Fudge also a reliable leaker shared on twitter
He said that Apple had plans to add a 64MP camera with an anamorphic lens. Jon Prosser disagreed with this saying that the camera layout will stay the same on the iPhone 13, which makes the most sense to me. But Lovetodream simply said that the layout is changing without getting into any specific details And then, in October, Ross Young shared a report from Mizuho Securities, which claimed that well be getting the same. Four iPhone display models as the 12 lineup with some camera sensor upgrades, but the camera layouts should be staying the same Now. Some people thought that Apple might scrap the iPhone mini size because of bad sales, but most analysts are saying that Apple will continue to sell this model next year.

And the most exciting thing that Mizuho Securities shared was that the Pro models are getting a higher 120hz display refresh rate, which most sources are pretty confident about.
Ice Universe then claimed that the iPhone 13 would be getting a smaller notch, not smaller on the length side, but actually slimmer, like it shows in this image Later that month, Lovetodream posted an interesting tweet saying, MESA uts for iPhone And as it turns out MESA is The codename for Touch ID and uts stands for under the screen, as explained by Jon Prosser And apparently Mark Gurman also agrees with this leak, so it seems very likely that were getting that on the iPhone 13. According to Qualcomms 5G modem roadmap, its looking like the iPhone 13 lineup will be getting their new X60 modem, which should be more efficient in terms of battery savings.
Then, in November Ming-chi Kuo said that the iPhone 13 sizes will remain the same, but the Pro models will be getting ultra wide lenses with significant upgrades And then in December he said that we should expect them to launch in September instead of being delayed like the Iphone 12 was last year and Wedbush securities recently also said that the iPhone 13 should launch in September as well.

Moving on, we get more confirmation of Touch ID coming to the next iPhone with Jon Prosser, claiming that there are already two functional prototypes in testing with under-screen Touch ID And then Mark Gurman.

Who is one of the most reliable leakers out. There said that the in-screen fingerprint sensor will be supplied by Qualcomm, which is very good news, because they recently came out with their 2nd generation sensor, which they put into the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and it works incredibly well, so it seems, like Apple will, be using Qualcomms New sensor, On top of that Mark, claimed that this years, iPhone could actually be an S year upgrade so it might be called the iPhone 12S and not the iPhone 13. So well, just have to see
Barclays reported that the iphone 13 may support WiFi 6e, which is actually gon na, be very nice because it uses a totally new frequency band which will likely have low traffic and good reliability since its still very new

Macotakara believes that some iPhone models will be getting thicker, but the camera lenses wont stick out as much. The 13 Pro model should be getting the same. Sensor-Shift stabilization and large sensor that were exclusive on the Pro Max model And once again Face ID should be getting thinner, which is exciting.

Last month, Barclays mentioned that Apple is planning to give the upgraded ultra-wide lens with F1
8 aperture to all of the iPhone 13 models, which is gon na, be a huge deal for low light photography since thats the current ultra-wide lens uses an F2.2 lens, But on top of that they said that Apple is planning to give the 13 Pro model. The same 2.5x optical zoom lens that the Pro Max currently has And going even further DigiTimes, says that the sensor-shift stabilization feature that was also exclusive to the Pro Max is going to the rest of the lineup as well. So this is very interesting because Im sure that Apple will be giving the 13 Pro Max model something exclusive this year as well, but Im not exactly sure what thatll be

Now, Moving on Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro revealed, perhaps the most exciting leaks and rumors that weve discussed yet First off three camera upgrades, including a new astrophotography mode, higher-quality ultra-wide lenses and Portrait article mode.

Now the first two are easily believable, but recording portrait blur article is extremely difficult and it would be literally game-changing because thats the one area where smartphones cannot compete with professional article cameras, Samsung actually released this on their Galaxy S10, but it was pure garbage showing just How difficult it is to make this work well, So Apple would obviously be relying on the LiDAR scanner alongside a massive amount of processing power, and because of that, I dont think well be seeing the LIDAR scanner on this years. Less expensive iPhone 13 models, because that feature alone will easily upsell a ton of Pro models.

But if Apple pulls it off, I do expect them to eventually bring it to the whole lineup, because its probably the most important article feature of all time. They also believe that an Always-on display is coming to the iPhone 13 and to me, it seems like that feature will be coming on the Pro models, because its gon na rely on the new LTPO 120hz displays from Samsung to make sure that it doesnt cause a Major hit to battery life, So if the 120hz refresh rate feature comes to the iPhone 13 Pro models this year, Im almost 100 % sure that well also get an Always-on display.

And then, finally, they said that we should be expecting stronger, MagSafe magnets on the iPhone 13, which is both a genius and sneaky move by Apple, because a lot of people are complaining about the magnet strength on current iPhone 12 models.

So Apple couldve planned this out ahead of time to tempt people who love MagSafe into upgrading, since accessories like the Wallet would hold on much better. So Im excited for that.
Various sources also believe that Apple will be adding a new 1TB storage option on the iPhone 13 pro models which I can definitely see happening. Moving on DigiTimes claimed that Apple is bringing their LiDar scanner to all of the iPhone 13. Models which matches up to what Daniel Ives from Wedbush claimed Apple would do.

However, Ming chi Kuo believes that LIDAR will be sticking to the Pro models only, and that actually makes more sense to me because its one of the best features with upsell potential

And it looks like its about to get even better because of some really interesting fresh leaks, so lets get into those A tech repair. Company iRepair shared a photo of some iPhone displays which showed off smaller notch design, which is interesting because the speaker grille was moved to the top portion of the display, which makes the most sense, especially if Apple plans to completely ditch the notch in the future.
However, because iRepair got their hands on these so early about 6 months before their actual release date, these could just be some early prototypes, but I still expect Apple to make the notch smaller this year, probably similar to what Ice Universe showed off since Jon Prosser said That this is more likely

And now we have our final leaks that we just got over the weekend again from Everything Apple Pro and Max Weinbach focused on the iPhone 13 Pro models, Theyre expecting tweaked camera modules, which will allow the camera bumps to be smaller. There will be a new beamforming front-facing microphone with improved noise cancellation, better optical image, stabilization and upgrade portrait mode with better edge detection using the Lidar scanner Apple is also testing a new orange/bronze color, but we should be getting some sort of new space gray, which looks Really close to black and Apple is also gon na, be making the stainless steel edges more fingerprint resistant.
So there you go, there are all of the leaks and rumors we currently have for the iPhone 13 and personally, if we get stronger, MagSafe 120hz refresh rate and better portrait mode photos or even potentially portrait article mode, then I think those 3 things alone make it An easy upgrade for me.

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