Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!

Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!

Hey how’s it going Dave 2d here, and this is a article on some inexpensive laptops for students, And I know you can get some very cheap laptops out there for like 200 bucks that have Windows 10 on them, but those laptops I feel like they wouldn’t last For regular use for what a student does day in day out, putting it out of your bag Using it everyday, Those are not good laptops, I feel for students. So what I have in front of me are three very well-built, Well priced laptops that all do different things. These aren’t competitors, There’s not going to be a comparison of them. It’S just three individual laptops and, depending on what you do as a student or what you want to do with your laptop, You might be interested in one of these and I also have a couple other side picks as well, But the three main ones are: the Asus ux305, The acer aspire 5 And the lenovo 320s

So, let’s start off with the Acer first, I’ve done a full review of this thing before this is a great device for students who want to get a laptop for school, But also want to do some light gaming. Basically, It’s an inexpensive, regular, looking 15-inch laptop that can handle current gaming titles Reasonably well because of the article card.

It has an MX 150 from Nvidia, Which is kind of like the GT 1030, and most current titles are very playable on this machine.
If you want a more detailed review, I’ll link, my article below The configuration with the MX 150 cost $ 600, and it’s a great laptop for the money. Now there were two things like might be. An issue for students. First, is the battery life I’m only getting around five hours of battery life for this?

So if you want to bring it to school – and you have a full Day of class you’re gon na have to bring your charger with you.

The second thing is that it’s not super thin or light. It’S not like a really thick gaming laptop, but it has some size to it Now, if you are looking for something, That’s a little thinner and lighter, that is still a good price point. It’S this thing. Lenovo 320 s, so this thing starts at I think $ 550 for the base model.

It’S a full aluminum build, but the chassis has some flex to it. The bottom panel is easy to open up for upgrading the RAM and storage. The Screen is a little dim and the base model isn’t a 1080p screen. It’S not bad, though articles and pictures still look really sharp at normal viewing distances. The keyboard is comfortable to use, but The keystrokes are little softer than I’d like and there’s no backlighting

The trackpad uses Windows, precision, drivers Which are really, and the battery life is surprisingly good, as well, I’m getting around seven hours, But this thing comes in couple.

Configurations starts at around $ 500 $ 550, depending on sales, but great device for students. Okay, next up, we have the Asus UX330, Which is the successor to the UX306, which I’ve reviewed in the past, and this thing is a surprisingly good laptop for the money.

Now it’s not super cheap, It’s 700 bucks. This thing has great build quality and a pretty simple design. It has two regular USB ports, a USB C and a micro HDMI.

It has a good screen, 1080p matte finish And it gets pretty bright. Also has a nice backlit keyboard and windows; precision trackpad
Tracking is really good on the surface. It’S just a nice texture, but the button clicks are a little shallow. They don’t feel bad, though Just really short travel. The speakers on this thing are really good.

They’Re located on the bottom, and I mean for this price. It’S kind of crazy How good these speakers sound!

They have Harman Kardon branding but usually having branding like this, for a laptop speaker doesn’t mean anything They usually sound very average, but these actually sound good. It still doesn’t have strong bass, but it’s a very clean, audio and you’ll be happy with these speakers. It is a 13 inch screen.

It’S a little bit smaller than the other two laptops I’ve mentioned so far, So, depending what you do or what you want to do with your laptop, this might be too small. But if you’re looking for a 13 inch device you’re on the money, The one thing I don’t like about this device is actually the fan noise. It comes on way more often than you’d like it to and when it does, It’s pretty loud and actually comes on. When you’re doing very un-intensive stuff like reading a YouTube, article or browsing the web, It’s kind of weird, because this is something that software should be able to fix. But it’s been out for several months and there hasn’t been a change so we’ll see.

Now for the price for $ 700, It’s not something that is for someone looking for the cheapest laptop right. There are going to be cheaper laptops on this, But if you’re in the market for some of that’s kind of higher-end like an XPS 13 or an HP Envy, Those are like 900 bucks or more. This thing is a lot less, But still a really good laptop. Now the other thing I want to mention This is not part of the three that I was originally going to talk about is kind of like an off pick, so this is the Dell Inspiron 13 7000. Now this is a two in one device: I’m not a big fan of two in one devices.

I find that they’re a little bit kind of cumbersome for everyday use as a student, But I know that a lot of my audience are crazy about two. In one devices, just because they’re so versatile, this one’s $ 650 – and I think it’s the best foldable two in one device at this price point now, There’s a lot of inexpensive two in one devices and a lot of them suck

Just they’re not good as laptops They’re, even worse as tablets, But this one is very usable in both forms. The keyboard in particular, is surprisingly good for the price It feels like honestly. It feels like they’re XPS keyboard. It’S really good.

Trackpad is good. It’S a Windows! Precision driver the whole thing has excellent, build quality, lots of metal, impressive speakers for the price, It’s a great two and one the two things that I don’t love about. It, Though, are the screen and the battery life. The screen feels a little dim and I really wish it was brighter, because this is such a good device for media consumption, But because of the dimmer screen you can’t use it outdoors readily and the battery life could be better.

I’M only getting about five hours of life on this thing, but for a cheap But well built two and one. This is my top pick, so the last thing I want to talk about are some devices that are well

They’Re not really on the table here, It’s kind of like a theoretical device. So right now the eighth generation CPUs from Intel have been launched. Intel’S coffee Lake and those 8th, gen CPUs are kind of trickling down into all these devices and everything Is getting refreshed. So the seventh generation KB Lake CPUs, those prices – are coming down a little bit, But there are some sixth generation skylake CPU laptops that are significantly cheaper and they’re still available on Amazon, and some of those devices are barely a year old, so they’re, actually quite new.

Still it’s just a Matter of perception of whether or not you want the brand-new one. That’S coming out or one That’s a year and a few months old, ok, I’ll link all this stuff below And I’ll link, some Sixth generation skylake CPU laptops down below, as well as some of those have amazing pricing like this 510 s that I have over here. But yeah hope you guys enjoyed this article thumbs.

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