This Will Kill Your Computer

This Will Kill Your Computer

I’M nervous, Hey guys, this is Austin and this is the USB Killer. Now it might not look like much. However, this will straight up, kill your computer, So this is a device. That’S used to test hardware. So while it looks like an ordinary USB device, you take the cap off, it can be any old flash drive instead there’s a series of capacitors inside.

So if you plug it into a computer, it will charge those capacitors up and once they’re full. It turns around and releases all of that power at 240 volts straight back into the computer in theory, killing it
While the USB Kill logo is a bit of a giveaway, it doesn’t take much to be able to pop this thing. Open

Now, before we proceed, Do not try this at home Seriously. Not only is it very possible for this thing to kill electronics, but it’s also a lot of voltage here. You wan na, be careful, And by being careful I mean don’t try this at home.

So to find out, if this is actually going to work, we have an Asus Chromebook Now USB Killer claims that this is going to work on around 95 percent of computers, and the reason for that is that, while some computers have properly capped USB ports, most have Completely unprotected ports, which means that if this thing sends a ton of power through the computer, instead of being able to block it at the port, it’s gon na send it straight into the motherboard fry a bunch of stuff. It’S going to be dead.

So in theory I plug this in and it’s going to die So plugging it in in three two one: ( laughs, ), Whoa,
Okay, hold on hold on hold on That was so fast. I don’t even think that took half a second like it plugged in. I heard a little tiny click and it was done for I see this light, which makes me think there’s maybe some life, but the screen is definitely dead.

Maybe the battery is still intact, which is running that light, but Chromebook Done for
I don’t wan na. Do the MacBook, ( laughs ), I don’t wan na. Do the MacBook. I think it’s gon na kill the MacBook man. I think it’s gon na kill it.

I don’t wan na. Do the MacBook
I’M not even joking right now, Oh Yeah, but everyone’s not gon na, have to buy me a new MacBook when this one dies: (, laughs, ) Ken. Why ( Ken in background laughing )? Alright, it’s MacBook time!

This guy, it’s on him, You’re gon na, have MacBook blood on your hands, We’re going to try the USB Killer on the brand new 2016 MacBook Pro Now normally.

I would not want to kill this under any circumstances. However, apparently Apple has actually fixed the USB ports. So that they are not susceptible to an attack like this, So because this doesn’t have normal USB ports, we’re going to be using a USB-C to USB-A adapter
This shouldn’t affect anything but we’ll find out Dude, I’m so nervous, I’m so nervous right now, Alright, there’s nothing to it. Let’S plug the adapter in in three two one:
Oh it clicked it clicked. Oh it’s clicking!

You hear that! Oh it survived. Alright, that’s enough clicking! That’S enough! Clicking!

Okay, you’re, good you’re, good
( laughs, nervously ), Oh man, I was so convinced it was about to die. So now what I wan na know is: did we actually kill the port, So I plug in power Yeah, so we can definitely still charge with the port. So I think everything should be fine.

I also have a USB drive here, so we should be able to see it pop up.

Or not, Wow did we actually kill the data on this port Hang on a second, So it looks like this is still getting power, so the power part of this port still works, but as far as data goes, we completely killed that Thunderbolt port wow.

Now it’s time to raise the stakes:
This is a 32 inch TV. Now this happens to be a smart TV. However, even normal flat screen TV’s will typically have a USB port. So usually you plug in a flash drive to load, pictures, article or even firmware, So we’re gon na find out. Will the USB Killer be able to kill an entire TV Plugging it in in three two one?

Oh, I heard it The TV’s still on It’s not ticking, I heard one loud click, and that was it, I wonder: does the USB port still work?
Cause the TV’s still fine So to find out if this actually works or not we’re gon na plug a keyboard in which might sound like a weird thing to do. However, since this is a smart TV, it actually does support a keyboard. Nothing! No!

You see, I don’t even think this is getting power, While the USB Killer didn’t kill the TV, it did at least fry the USB port
Next, we have a phone Now. This might seem like a little bit of a weird choice. However, the 6P does have a USB-C port, So plugging into the Nexus 6P in three two one

Oh Whoa,
Wait the phone’s rebooting hold on a second Pull out, pull out pull out, So it reset the phone. That was a really loud crack too. So everything seems to be fine on the phone
Now, let’s see if we can actually plug it in So what I want to know is: does the port still work, So we have a PC here and if we plug it in Okay, so we are charging so at least we have that working.

Can we get data
Yeah, this is acting just like a charger. It doesn’t see any kind of data coming through on either side.

So it might not have killed the phone and, to be fair, you can still charge, which honestly is, by far the most important part of being able to use a port. However, the fact that we’ve killed data on two different USB-C devices does not bode well. This USB Killer is no joke As long as you’re careful with your electronics and don’t let random people plug things in you should be fine.

However, all it takes is a single second and you can do some serious damage Now, if you’re really worried about this, there are USB protectors that will actually physically lock out the ports on your computer and I’ll have one of those linked in the description. However, as long as you’re careful, you should be: okay,

Because we did do some damage today, I wanted to give back, so we made a donation to the EFF. They do. Some absolutely amazing work to make sure that the internet stays open and free for everyone. If you enjoyed this article – and you want to see more on the latest tech, including stuff like this – definitely be sure to subscribe to the channel, and I will catch you guys in the next one.

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