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In this article we’ll cover all you need to know before traveling to San Diego, including maps, transportation where to stay prices, best steps, best city views and much more here – are our 11 essential tips. Number 11. The map of San Diego San Diego, sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean right on the border with Mexico. It is located 120 miles or 190 kilometres south of Los Angeles. Let’S start with Balboa Park a large urban cultural park in San Diego full of beautiful gardens, fascinating museums, theaters and other attractions like the world-famous San, Diego Zoo, Japanese Friendship, Garden, etc.

Little Italy, a popular neighborhood in downtown San Diego offers, authentic Italian restaurants, bars retail shops, home design, stores and galleries. If you continue towards the seaside, you will find the waterfront park Maritime Museum of San, Diego and USS Midway museum, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, which is now a museum located at Navy Pier. If you continue south, you will get to the Seaport Village, a unique shopping area with miles of walking paths, and you will finally get to Embarcadero Marina parks. If you turn east, you will get to another beautiful San, Diego neighborhood. The Gaslamp Quarter referred to as the historic heart of San Diego, a historic downtown district and the city center of entertainment and nightlife.

You can’t miss Coronado with a fantastic view of San Diego skyline home to beautiful beaches and the historic beachfront hotel del coronado established in 1888. Another beautiful spot to visit in San Diego is Point Loma with the Cabrillo Monument right before you enter the National Park. There is the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. A federal military cemetery, Shelter, Island and Harbor Island Park also offers some of the most beautiful views towards this skyla. Let’S continue towards the north, where you’ll find Sunset Cliffs, if you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss the Liberty station, formerly a US naval base and now the site of the well-known Liberty, public market home to an impressive food market called restaurants and an arts and crafts area.

Don’T forget to visit old town, San, Diego and historic neighborhood, consisting of constructed homes and craft shops in the eighteen, hundred’s mission-style, recreating the life of the Mexican and early American periods and don’t miss the Spruce Street suspension bridge built in 1912 to provide pedestrians with a Link to neutral Alliance across the tip canyon, SeaWorld, San, Diego and aquatic themed Park and Mission Beach, a popular place for surfing, sunbathing and other outdoor activities are located north of San Diego right after Mission Beach, you will find the Jolla charming community, with beautiful seaside, to Get a better sense of the distance. A 1.1 mile or 2.2 kilometer walk from Little Italy to Gaslamp Quarter takes about 30 minutes. San Diego International Airport is located only about two miles or 3 kilometers from downtown San Diego.

If you’re arriving by train, you will most likely arrived at the set of a Depot station number 10 weather and climate San Diego has Mediterranean climate with consistent weather throughout the air, with little to no extreme weather or rainfall. Temperatures in the winter are generally mild, ranging between 48 and 66 degrees, Fahrenheit or 9 and 19 degrees Celsius. There is not a lot of rain, except for the El Nino, which produces rainfall and storms. The coldest month is January with an average of 42 degrees, Fahrenheit or 6 degrees Celsius. In the spring, the weather is pleasant with a warmer temperature and less rainfall.

Temperatures range between 42 and 68 degrees, Fahrenheit or six and 20 degrees Celsius. Summer is nice and hot. With little rain, there can be a blanket of fog during May or June, often called the May gray or June gloom. Temperatures range between 65 and da degrees, Fahrenheit or 18 and 26 degrees Celsius August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 78 degrees, Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. Whether in default is still warm in September and part of October, but then quickly becomes colder.

Temperatures range between 54 and 77 degrees, Fahrenheit or 12 and 25 degrees Celsius. Of course, these are all just averages. The weather and temperature can be different when you visit so remember to always check the weather forecast before you travel number 9 best time to visit the best time to visit San Diego is in March and April in spring, and definitely before May to avoid them May Gray, August and September are also great months to visit, because the weather is warm and you can avoid. The tourist crowds summer gets lots of tourists and higher prices, but the weather is still Pleasant cheapest time to visit. San Diego is in the fall when there fewer tourists and the prices of accommodation are lower.

And how can you figure out the best days and hours to see the attractions just check Google to see how crowded the specific location is at a particular time of day? Of course, we recommend going early during the week and or in the morning. San Diego is not a big city. Many travelers stay in San Diego for 3 days to see the main attractions and soak in the atmosphere. If you want a more relaxed experience, you can stay an extra day or two number 8, where to stay and prices of accommodation.

If this is your first time in San Diego choose to stay downtown, where we have many of the best sights bars and restaurants, just minutes away for nightlife, stay close to the Gaslamp Quarter, if you’re on a budget stay in the old town outside the city center By the way, an area just outside of town is called the hotel circle and offers great prices of accommodation if you’re traveling with the family Mission Bay near SeaWorld, is a good option. A mid-range hotel double room in San Diego costs, between 150 and 250 dollars per night for budget hotels, the average is 75 dollars, hostels cost around 25 to 35 per night on average. Alternatively, you can rent an Airbnb apartment that sleeps up to four people. For about 100 and dollars again, these are all just average prices and the ranges for different hotel categories are quite extensive and in the summer or during the weekends, the accommodation can be more expensive. However, with a little research online, you can get better deals, especially if your dates are flexible and you don’t travel in high season check out our video on the best steps for booking your stay number 7 transportation from and to the airport to get to and from San Diego International Airport, you can use a bus, an MTS, trolley, Amtrak, inner city and coaster, commuter train airport shuttle, taxis limousines, uber, lyft and car rentals arriving by train.

You can travel to San Diego by train from numerous cities with Amtrak. If you’re arriving from outside San Diego, you will arrive at Santa Fe Depot station located in downtown arriving by car. You can use Google Maps to get driving directions to San Diego parking in the city. Center is limited, especially during today, so it might be challenging to find a spot laws and regulations are strictly enforced when it comes to parking. Parking meters are active from 8 a.


To 6 p

M. and costs 25 cents for 12 or 15 minutes in many open space parking places you can only park for up to two hours. You can also park in one of the parking garages for one dollar per hour and from $ 20 to $ 25 per day. Alternatively, you can book one of them many hotels in the city that offer parking getting around the city.

Although San Diego is not that thick, the sites are spread out throughout different neighborhoods. So using public transportation is a convenient option. You can use the following modes of transportation, bus trains, trolleys, Ferry, uber or lyft, taxis, bikes, car, rentals and other forms of transportation. If you use public transportation such as the bus and trolley, you will pay $ 2 54 one-way ticket. You can get a compass card for $ 2 fee, the card can be reloaded or you can use it to buy a day pass, which costs $ 6.

You can pay for your ticket on any bus, fare box or trolley ticket banning Sheetz check out our travel guide for more information and prizes. By the way, our Travel Guide is a mobile-friendly PDF document that you can store on your phone for offline use. It covers the top 10 things to do in San, Diego plus 10 additional attractions maps, links opening hours and other information that will help make your trip to San Diego’s stress free number, 6. General information here are some other things you should know for a pleasant and smooth experience in San Diego drinking water. It is perfectly safe to drink.

Tap water in San Diego drinking water fountains are available throughout the city. Toilets public toilets are available in San Diego. If you want to see where public toilets are located, you can use an app on your phone, but more about that later, free Wi-Fi. You can get free Wi-Fi at plenty of outdoor and indoor hot spots, all over the city, including restaurants, fast food places to face bars and hotels, crowds and lines. San Diego is a popular destination, so be prepared to wait in line, especially in the summer months and around peak tourist attractions.

The same goes for restaurants and other public places, even if you can’t avoid all the crowds you can do some things to make your trip to San Diego and more pleasant experience. You can avoid big seasons, avoid traveling doing rush hours get up early in the morning to explore the city without the crowds use, Google Maps or similar app to check how crowded a specific location is at a particular time of day safety. San Diego is generally a very safe place for tourists. A few areas are better avoided by night, but they are usually not located near tourist attractions typical for all major cities around the world. Beware pickpockets.

Car break-ins are also relatively common watch. Your valuables and use common sense for emergency services, dial 911 5 for international travellers, travel adapters. If you’re coming from outside the US, you will probably need a special US travel adapter to charge your phone and other devices. The power plugs in the United States are type A and type B. We recommend purchasing a travel adapter before traveling to San Diego.

In fact, it’s worth buying a universal travel adapter, so you can use it in countries still currency United States use u.s

Dollars at the time of making of this video, one dollar is worth approximately 90 euro cents and 77 pence. It is better to exchange your money before you. Travel also always check the exchange rate before traveling, most hotels stores and restaurants in the city accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, but make sure to always have some cash with you. Just in case ATMs and money exchange in San Diego ATMs typically charge a three dollar fee.

You can check with your home bank if they have an agreement with the US bank to see if you can avoid paying ATM fees. It’S also best to withdraw as few times as possible to avoid multiple ATM fees. You can choose to exchange your foreign cash currency exchange offices, but Commission varies widely, so always compare the exchange rate on your phone to the board displayed in the exchange office. Prepaid SIM cards and pocket wi-fi’s, you can purchase prepaid SIM card to access the internet on your phone. Some options provided by local carriers are t-mobile 3 and AT & T you can buy one that includes the internet before you get to the city and have it delivered to you.

Alternatively, you can consider renting a pocket Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot, see your travel guide for more information number four best apps your phone can be your best buddy in San Diego here are some great apps. You can use both ballpark official, app and interactive guides to the parks, museums, art venues, garden, spans, zoo, Little Italy, San Diego, a helpful tool for exploring the Italian community in the city, Groupon for promo codes and saving alerts for nearby dining and alley deals. Tripadvisor and Yelp for reviews of restaurants tells museums, stores, etc spot hero or park ways to find and put parking near destination, uber and lyft for getting around the city, move it to find an updated schedule for your public transportation. Google Maps for Apple maps for walking public transportation, driving, etc. Google Maps also lets you download maps, which is a great option if you don’t want to use roaming, sit or squat or flush for finding public restaurants tap to find the nearest drinking water, fountain, Wi-Fi map or Wi-Fi finder, which helps you find Wi-Fi throughout San.

Diego number 3 food and prices San Diego, has plenty of dining options and offers a great variety of international and traditional dining. We suggest using Yelp or TripAdvisor to find nearby places with good reviews try to avoid restaurants but or next to major tourist attractions. You will often get a much higher priced quality ratio at a local place away from the main attractions. An inexpensive restaurant meal costs about $ 15 an average and a three-course meal, and a mid-range restaurant is from 40 to 80 dollars being close to the ocean and the border with Mexico. The city offers a variety of amazing food.

Like the famous fish tacos, a small dish of fish tacos is around $ 4. As for drinks in bars, a coffee costs from around $ 4 a bottle of water about $ 2 same for bottle soda a find a beer from around $ 5 to $ 8. A glass of wine and cocktail goes for around 7 to 12 dollars. Of course, prices are higher in front of the famous tourist places. There are plenty of great cheap eats in San Diego check out our travel guide for maps with the best tip it’s tipping.

You should always steep in bars, restaurants and hotels in the United States. The standard rate is between 15 and 20 percent. It is also normal to give about 2 to $ 5 tip to the hotel staff standards etc and from 10 to 20 percent for your uber driver, number 2 city passes and exploring the city. If you want to 7 attractions, you can choose from either go San, Diego Pass or the Southern California City Pass. Both options offer free entry to some top attractions, various kinds of discounts and more check out Travel Guide for current prices and links a great way to discover San Diego is by walking tour organized by professional guides.

Some providers even offer free walking tours. However, at the end of the tour it is recommended to make a donation. You can also explore San Diego by a boat tour, guided, sightseeing tour or other Teamsters. There are plenty of options to choose from check our travel guide, for the, list, of, providers and: name number, one best: views, of: the, city you can enjoy amazing views of San Diego from one of the following places: Embarcadero Marina Park, San, Diego Coronado Bay, Bridge san Diego’S skyline viewpoints, Harbor Island Park or Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma find more impressive views of San Diego in our travel guide and don’t forget to check out top 10 things to do in San Diego. Just click here.

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