The BEST laptop display I have ever seen!!! - Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

The BEST laptop display I have ever seen!!! – Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

-Do you want to watch an amazing TV? It will be OLED. Like you are reading now Phone like , It may also be OLED, which looks surprising, But for whatever reason, OLED screens suck on laptops. For whatever reason, when I look at them , They all make me feel very headache, It’s like a white background and text, not good. Although Samsung thinks they have solved this problem.

Therefore, this person apparently has a relationship with S21 The same OLED screen. Wait, is it S21? -[Jono] I think it’s S21 Ultra. -S21 Ultra. Well, this is not the same screen, Instead, use the same technology.

-[Jono] Oh. (All laughed) -Wow, this is what I have received since a while One of the most engineering example laptops.

Usually, they like to try at least half, Just throw it in a box and look at that. Excellent packing staff, we went. Wait, this doesn’t look right.

I request a 13-inch model. I think we already have 15. Now, before we open it, let’s take a quick look. First of all, this thing is very small, Especially considering that it has a full-size HDMI And two four-tone thunder and lightning. On the other hand, we have a full-size USB Type A And looks like a small SD card reader.

Like Dell, what are you doing? Why other people say “Oh, we can’t have a complete Type A full-size USB” , But thinner than other people’s laptops? The build quality feels pretty good.

The bottom here is very very plastic. The whole looks very ordinary, just blue.

But it does have a truly advanced appearance. I don’t understand something like that. Just like Samsung produces these exquisite-looking phones And many other good things, but until now, Their laptops are still far behind all other products. But let us open her. I have no plans to start right away, but, my goodness.

(Chuckles) So my first impression of the chassis Not the greatest. There is a big squeeze zone here.

Yes, this is a big deviation , I didn’t try too hard. -[Jono] Was it bent because it was on the mat? -Jono asked, because it’s on the mat, isn’t it, This is a 100% laptop.

(Chuckling) Also, oh Samsung, I asked them a monitor with a touch screen, Because there are always problems there. So you have to like the actual screen , And then cover the touch screen layer above it. Some OLEDs without touch screens in laptops Looks better than a laptop, this is Because the top is a bit like a grid , Is not designed for OLED screens. Well, Windows says we are almost ready, This means, oh wow, here we are, It’s like we are arguing with the sponsor PIA. Dedicated Internet access is a VPN that allows you Like in other countries Access services and websites.

It encrypts all your internet traffic, And use a secure protected IP. Up to 10 devices can be connected to Windows, Mac iOS, Android, iOS and Linux Client connection.

Use the link in the article description Purchase a one-year plan of 39.95. I want to check the keyboard first, Just because it feels so lively.

(Keyboard typing) The keyboard is a bit disappointing, Because the people who perform these switches have done a great job. They feel good, they are super agile, You may even hear such a sound. (keyboard input) Great.

Unfortunately again, the chassis is too flexible. Therefore, it is very difficult to get a really good, consistent button feel.

Here, each hit will produce approximately Deflection of one millimeter. In any case, why we are really here is the display. So let’s open it. Obviously, its display has passed HDR 500 certification. Yes, that looks like.

Dave, can we turn off the lights at the back? -[David]No -The display effect is very good. (Chuckling) Wow, okay, let’s go. So if you are about to find If you use this product in a bright environment, don’t buy it, it’s too bad.

I never noticed making a laptop There was a light behind before.

At the top here, my hand reflects on the display, It’s like a mirror. That is, if you plan to use it in a dark room, This looks very special and it looks very good. I’m not surprised, it’s like a stupid thing, For example, the contrast ratio of one part per million , It is an OLED display. But at the same time, damn it. Actually, where is our charger?

I just plugged in Jono, Because when you want to show a full white monitor , The brightness seems to have dropped. So, like now, it obviously can’t give me 500 nits of brightness, and when we have a lot of darker things on the display , Its pop-up sound will be more. -[Jono] Play some “Crab Rave”, I want to see it. -No, wait a minute, let’s go to “Crab Rave” by Jono. It only takes a second and I need to discuss Click this screen.

(All laughed) So although you might Feeling a little frustrated on the all white monitor , But you are not getting The full brightness of your eyeball searing . I like it because in the past, When your background is white, Some OLED displays are too bright, This may give you a headache. So it’s good to immerse it in it, But at the same time, never use it outdoors. The uniformity looks good. This is my previous On the OLED display on the laptop Another problem encountered.

Like you on the whole thing It looks like grainy. This looks really good when you use one color. I think you can say it’s a bit weird, but it’s still Not bad, let’s take a look. Okay, Jonuo, I will help you do “crab carnival”. We will be spokespersons at the same time.

Therefore, this is only a 1920 x 1080P display.

Therefore, this is one of the things that I am a little unhappy about. I want it to be 16 x 10 instead of 16 x 9, But it’s as great as this group. (Chuckling) (Joy music) Oh my goodness, black level, look at that. (Chuckling) Although the speaker is nothing Fun.

( Fast-paced Music) Okay, the speakers are not bad for this, But i am actually here Buy XPS, because its display effect is very good. IPS and OLED, I believe they are also 500 nits. (Joy music) (Soft music) Yes, the saturation on IPS is higher. I will also do a quick small speaker test for you here. (Joy music) This is Samsung.

This is not even a game. For display, this is a difficult process. I’m really surprised, I Found that your black level on the OLED is much better, But the IPS that Dell has here looks great.

I think the general display adjustment will be One of them looks better The difference. but I I am very curious about what actually happened to Samsung OLED, So it will not look like garbage.

The other OLEDs on the laptop do not look good. This looks very special. Let’s take a look, shall we? And how it makes nerds waste their time. So, grabbed one of our new microscopes, It is much better than our old microscope, And the software is still hot garbage since 2005, So we will look at the situation.

So first, we will look at XPS with IPS display, right? Magnify 90 times , This is the reason for hair focus. Oh my goodness, you are absolutely rubbish. Yes, we are seeing about 1.6 FPS.

No matter who makes this software, AmScope. Hi, please fix it. But this is basically what it looks like. Now, I want to see my OLED display Cell phone. And I think it uses a kind of trembling method.

Oh, no, this is not messy content. On old-fashioned toys like OLED, they Would do this so that the blue sub-pixel Larger than the red and green sub-pixels, Because it needs more energy to produce blue light.

Because like a wavelength, rubbish. How fast you burn out blue pixels Faster than red and green pixels . therefore , It makes sense that you want them to be bigger, But it may be really difficult in your sight, Especially if one of them is slightly insulting Sense time.

But as you can see, red, green The same as the blue pixels. Maybe you can’t see it, Because this matter is very troublesome. Okay, this is as good as the problem we want to solve. However, you got the picture, there are many small points. They are all very unified.

This is what we are looking for on Samsung products Reason, because if it has a similar pixel arrangement, This means they will not deceive this generation of products , I am glad to find the answer.

Wow, this is weird. What (beep). (All giggling) Oh, this is the strangest sub-pixel arrangement I have ever seen one. I think they are a bit Like the pixel size of a 4K monitor.

Yes, so you get the same amount Of red, green and blue pixels, But it’s too weird because the blue is bigger, And they are also arranged consecutively. So you will get alternating red, green, red, green, Red, green, red, green, and then there are rows of blue, So they can be larger and the brightness can be lower.

In the past, this made me feel terrible, It’s like giving me a headache. But for whatever reason, it is not the reason. It must be because it has a 1080P resolution, It’s 4K, I don’t know.

But I like this, from a sub-pixel perspective, I shouldn’t be like this, (chuckling) wait. what? (laugh) Then you remember how I complained Is the chassis rigid? You can click the trackpad by pressing the bottom. Oh, (laughs) Samsung, come on.

-[Jono] Man. -But the good news is that Samsung’s monitor Can be applied to all aspects, just like the current laptops on the market Every OLED screen is the same, Samsung can do it too. Right here, even though i don’t really want to Recommend this laptop, but it’s not terrible. very light Jonuo, what’s the price? -[Jono] What other specifications?

-This is here, let’s see. Oh look, when I hold the touchpad in my hand Can’t click it, Because it has been clicked.

(Chuckling) -[Jono] Just press the body Can I click the touchpad? -Yes, I can click on the touchpad just by clicking here . (Chuckling) -I don’t have a price.

-Therefore, we do not have this price. Yes, if we have a price, it is here. If it’s not that expensive, Then I will definitely buy it. Oh, it’s so frustrating. Okay, let’s talk about it, Samsung.

This laptop It’s so exasperating, because you did a lot of right. This touchpad is large in size. It feels great, really great. The person who designed this touchpad, please give them a raise. Like the keyboard, this keyboard is great.

The click feel, except that it’s French, the overall It’s very good. The display I have seen it in a laptop One of the best monitors. This case (The notebook case is bent) very bad. I didn’t expect it to make a sound, But it does (chuckling) it did bring it home. Just Invest like buying a high-quality stamped aluminum chassis, I will drive this laptop every day, Because otherwise, it is really great.

In many ways, this is what I have been One of the best laptops researched. Too light, this display is great. I will drive every day, but not. You can’t use the trackpad when you hold it down, Because it was clicked. That’s where they are.

I don’t know if I exceed the specification, It has an i7, 16 GB of RAM. Oh, this one here actually has 5G, It’s really great. One more thing, you did a great job. Oh, Jono just told me that the battery is 68 watt-hours. With this processor, It will bring you more battery life, It takes about 12 hours or more.

Again, this is an OLED display, But I don’t know it is a 1080P OLED display. There are many different things, But you will have a good battery life. Samsung, you are close Build the best laptop on the market. With this thing, It’s like LG gram should be subtracted LG gram feels the same. (laugh) I hope you like this.

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