Redmi Note 10 Review - Finally!

Redmi Note 10 Review – Finally!

If you’ve previously used any of Xiaomi’s budgetNote series, when you pick up the Redmi Note 10 aside, it’s lightweight and beautifuldesign what attracts the most is: thestunning AMOLED display, But … is thatall. There is to Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10.

What is up guys, Izzi here and welcome to thechannel So straight to the point. This is theRedmi Note, 10, what I’d like to call a significantupgrade and a worthy successor to the Redmi Note9 from last year Now this has not actuallyofficially launched in Nigeria, so I’m not sureits official retail price, but I got it for around105,000 Naira. Now this is the version with fourgigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage. I’Ve used itfor a couple of days actually just over a week, and the experience has been pretty smooth for themost part, except for a few minimal concerns whichwe’re going to get into later.

But first let’ssee: what comes in the box of the Redmi Note: 10.

ou’ll get a user guide, a warrantycard 33 watts fast charging, brick a USB-C, cable, a transparent, protective casing, andthe device itself Typical of Xiaomi. You don’t getearphones! There is also a pre-installed screenprotector on the device right out of the box.The Redmi. Note 10 has a really good design end solid build.

It has Gorilla Glass 3 on thedisplay, The back is built of plastic and notglass Plastic is the preference for durabilityand is also lighter than glass, that is to say, theRedmi Note, 10 is lightweight and with those curvededges on the rear, it is pretty comfortable tohold. This is the dual-toned and lovely lookingOnyx Grey. You also get it in Pebble, White, andAqua, Green. It is a glossy finish and it attractsfingerprints quite a lot, so you might want touse it with the case or wipe it very often.
The camera module is arranged nicely to theleft in a more subtle bump compared to whatwe had on the previous generation.

All buttonsand ports are in their expected positions. Thefingerprint scanner is side-mounted and doublesas a power button on the right side of the device.It is responsive and as fast as you’dexpect of a physical, fingerprint, scanner.The Redmi Note 10 supports dual nano sim cardsand. There is an extra slot for expandable storage.

You also get the signature IR-blaster at thetop right next to one of dual microphones.You get stereo speakers on the Redmi Note 10 withone at the top and the other at the bottom.

Itproduces really good quality sound you actuallyneed to have it on hand to appreciate its sound.Those stereo speakers paired with the FullHD AMOLED display, makes for really good mediaexperience. The display is 6
43 inches and has itsselfie camera centered in a hole-punch cut-out.

t has a display density of 401 pixels per inch.You can get up to 1100 nits of peak brightness, that is to say it can get reallybright and convenient for outdoor use.One of the attributes of an AMOLED display Is theability to get very vibrant colors

With the RedmiNote 10, you have the option to set it to saturatedor, allow it to choose the best automatically forwhatever. You are viewing
With an AMOLED, displayalso comes AOD that is, Always-on-display.You, get a couple of options to set it.

How youlike you also have edge-lighting, which lightsup the edges. Whenever there is a notification.Pretty cool stuff, You can also use dark mode onhere and expect it to consume. Less battery.The display is actually very responsive.

Andthe experience is smooth, though it isn’t a highrefresh rate display, like the Redmi Note 10 pro, but it feels really fluid and not like yourregular 60hz display
I should say, though, ifyou are enjoying this article. So far, a sub tothe channel will be very much appreciated.Now. Let’S ride on The software on the XiaomiRedmi Note 10 is MIUI 12 on Android 11 MIUI12 brings a lot of visual changes, some smoothanimations too. As always, it doesn’t forget tocome, with a ton of pre-installed bloatware apps, most of which you can easily uninstall
You willalso experience ads on the device, but it is notintrusive and you may only encounter them afterinstalling an application or when you are usingsystem applications like the default file.

Manager.As smooth, as the experience goes with theRedmi Note. 10. Sadly, I still experience delayednotifications

I also experienced this while I wasusing the Redmi Note 9s. Now I’m signed-in to acouple of devices at the same time and each timea notification comes.

I always get it last on theRedmi Note 10. Now this may not be a major issuefor. You and you probably, are not going to noticethe delayed notification unless you have more thanone device and like me, you have them signed-in atthe same time. That is when you are going tonotice the delay in notification.
Aside that it is a pretty fluid experience With the RedmiNote 10, you get a base, four gigs of RAM and 64gigs of storage.

You can go up to 6 gigs of RAMand 128 gigs of storage. It is UFS. 2.2 storage,

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 is poweredby. The Snapdragon 678 processorwhich has pretty impressive benchmarkscores both on Geekbench and Antutu.

t is accompanied by an Adreno 612 GPU, which I’dsay provides fairly good gaming experience, evenon, graphics, demanding titles With PUBG mobileyou are going to get default, graphic setting, ofHD and high frame rate

You can get ultra framerate if you switch to balanced graphics. Settings.You are going to get smooth gameplay with no lags
On Call of Duty Mobile you get default, highgraphics settings and high frame rates. You can go up to very high graphics settingsbut to get maximum frame rates. You’Ll have tostick to high graphics settings or less I’venot done long hours of gaming sessions.

Yet I’ll reserve that for a gaming review, so pleaseleave a comment: if you’d like a gaming review, andmention any game you want tested on the RedmiNote 10

While using the Redmi Note 10, I havenot experienced anything abnormal when it comes toheating, even during gameplay. What I found strangehowever was the device heating up above what Iwould call normal. While I was using its cameras.As for battery life, the Redmi Note 10 comes witha 5000 milliamps per hour battery, which carriesyou through at least a full day of use.
From myexperience, however, it felt more like a 4000 mahbattery Could be based on my usage, though butit doesn’t last as long as I would have expectedfrom a 5000mAH battery, We’ll see how far in mygaming and battery tests, though It supports fastcharging up to 33 watts, and it Can get 50 percentcharge in about 25 minutes For a full charge, ittakes about 1 hour 15 minutes to charge from 0to 100

On to the cameras of the Redmi Note 10, you get a 13 megapixel selfie shooter and on therear we have a 48 megapixel quad.

Camera setupwhich includes an 8 megapixel ultra wide cameraand 2 megapixels macro and depth. Sensors.You’Ll get plenty of camera modes, including promode, and slow motion up to 960 frames per second.The Redmi Note 10 is capable of taking really goodpictures from its main and ultra wide cameras, withreally good, dynamic range. You can switch to 48megapixel mode for very high resolution.

Photos.Its macro camera is just 2 megapixels, so youare actually better off using the high-resmode and cropping-in

It has dedicated nightmode, which does a decent job of taking betterlow-light photos. Selfies are actuallygood both normal and portraits. However, I still think the images are overprocessed andloses, a little bit of detail too smooth But ifyou like your pictures, processed like this whynot, I’m sure the ladies will love this more
Ifyou’Re not satisfied, though you can use GCAM, whichprovides, better image. Processing.

The Redmi Note10 is able to shoot articles up to 4k and 30 framesper. Second, on its rear cameras and I’d, say it doesa very good job On the selfie camera. It canonly shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second Okay. It’S a selfie camera test of the XiaomiRedmi Note 10, and also a microphone quality. Test.

t’S selfie cameras can only shoot up to 1080p30 frames per second

You get up to 4k 30 framesper. Second, on the rear cameras. You also geta ton of camera features on here. Includingslow motion up to 60 frames per second, You alsoget pro mode and a couple other features Whatdo, you think about the mic quality. What do youthink about picture quality or article quality?

The Redmi Note 10 is a device that hasactually really impressed me and I’d. Sayit is a significant upgrade over the Redmi Note 9especially in display and design
I believe it isreally good value for money and it should alsogive the competition a run for its money. Now I’m going to be reviewing the Redmi Note10 pro as soon as I can get my hands on itso make sure you are subscribed to the channel andding that notification bell icon. So you don’t missthat article

If you want to see a gaming review, ofthe Redmi Note 10, do let me know in the commentsection which game you would like tested. If I getenough comments, I’m going to do a gaming review and also if you find this articlehelpful, do give it a thumbs.

Upor a thumbs down, if you don’t, I guessI’ll see you in the next one: peace.

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