Mi 11 Pro Hands-on: Such An Underrated PHONE!

Mi 11 Pro Hands-on: Such An Underrated PHONE!

Yeahh ohhh with this, you can literally find so many (, more ) girls, Hey what’s up Sami here, So AgainI’m at the offline Xiaomi store here to hands onthe Mi 11 Pro, While for the Mi 11 Ultra I didan unboxing and hands on yesterday. So I’m notgonna do that.
You can check it from here if youwant Without further ado, let’s get started, But before that Lets talk about my sponsorTenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer.Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer is aneasy-to-use tool.
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If you are interested in Tenorshare iCareFonefor WhatsApp transfer, you can get 30 % off withthe coupon code A7E5E to buy it Linkis in the description Now to the phone Lets check out the design. First.

The frontis, a 6.81-inch quad curved AMOLED displayQHD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate andDolby Vision. The panel is protected: byCornings Gorilla, Glass, Victus andcomes, with a pre-applied quad curvedscreen protector.

I feel its a bit chunkybut, really durable. The Mi 11 Pro also boastsdual stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon ifyou, are wondering how it sounds like here. Is it

You see this Tiktok thing: they alwaysrecommend this kind of annoyingdancing girls, articles, especially this one. Why not check more this kind of articles ( to see what exactly they are? ) Yeah man?

I like this kind of article, The Mi 11 Pro, also packs a tiny punch-holecutout for the 20MP selfie camera, though I dont take selfies that much itseems nice Speaking of cameras, the Mi 11 Prois, the first device to pack Samsungs 50MPGN2 camera sensor, The massive 1/1
2 sizedmodule is the largest sensor put in a smartphoneand boasts 1.4m-sized pixels, Dual Pixel Pro AF Stagger HDR and ISO fusion

Youll also be ableto capture 8K article straight from the main cam.And. To my surprise, the stabilization is stillsupported under 8k resolution, thats crazy man.In addition, you get a periscope modulewith 5x optical ( 50x digital ), zoom, andOIS,
I like this more than the 120xzoom thats on the Mi 11 Ultra, because I can see more girls nearby.

heres, also a 13MP ultrawide snapper. As for hardware performance,

It houses thesnapdragon, 888 chipset And here is the AnTuTubenchmark and it has scored more than the Mi 11Ultra. Can you believe that
Though Xiaomi said, ithas improved thermal management with class-leadingheat dissipation, thanks to its large 150mm vaporchamber and accompanying copper heat sinks, its still hot, when I run Antutu Benchmark For other specs, you can check it out. Fromhere, Yes, its Chinese, but I bet you knowwhat. It is Because, when I change to Englishlanguage all specs just dont show up there.

t the end of this. Video just in caseyou are curious about the unboxing here it is. It includes some paperwork, a soft, transparent phone case,
No charger or cable is included if you arechoosing the environmentally-friendly version, So thats the article. I hope you enjoyed it.Subscribe if you havent, Im Sami, and I will seeyou in the next one.

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