Laptop GOALS!!! HP Spectre x360 - Powerful and so pretty!

Laptop GOALS!!! HP Spectre x360 – Powerful and so pretty!

Hey it’s Justine And I have been having so much fun this year, reviewing all kinds of different types of computers, desktops all in ones and a ton of laptops. So I am very excited to partner with HP and Intel to showcase this Spectre. X360 for you guys today, So first we need to unbox it ( funky, dramatic, music, ) We’ve got a box inside of a box.
Did you see that move? Did you see it?

I saw it, I felt it Hold up, wait a minute.
Look at this I have thrown something that I might need a little cover. Okay, look at that That smells like a real premium piece of material. If you ask me Guys, look at this
This is like a gold brass color. Oh, We have opened up a treasure chest.

It’S got a little blanket: Keeping warm for cozy sweater season.
Okay, All right, I’m kind of freaking out because look at this, these beautiful edges, It’s like a Rose Gold. Oh my! If I made a computer – and I picked out every like this – is what it would look like.
Feast, your little peepers on that Wow Wholly Molly.

What else is in here “ Plug into wall?
“, Okay, I think I can handle that. Yes, this is the braided cable that I love so much

I first saw this in the HP enterprise article that I did reviewing a bunch of laptops, and this was my favorite cable. It’S just look at this. It’S so cool
So you got the power brick and the charging cable.

What’S in here That sounds like some candy or something. No, it’s the HP pen Look at this
Oh oops, Careful if you do decide to get this because those little extra tips are inside of the box. I love this box so much that I’m saving it That’s going in the collection. So one of the exciting things is the Spectre. X360 features the Intel Evo platform
So this has a new 11th gen Intel core I7 processor

And you’re also gon na be getting amazing performance for multitasking article photo editing, Basically whatever it is that you need to do like you know, reading content and also playing article games.

The new Intel Evo platform will give you the peace of mind knowing you’re getting a laptop with exceptional responsiveness, real-world long battery life, instant, wake fast connectivity with Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6, When you’re looking for a new laptop you’ll know that you’re getting all of these Premium features when this Intel Evo badge is present.
See There, it is Oh look at this. What is that? What is this
What are you telling me I can put my little pen there, So this has a 13 and a half inch OLED touch panel.

And this also folds just like this, so you can use it as a tablet, And I love these types of laptops because you’re able to do so many different things with it.

God look at this. I keep getting sidetracked by looking at how cool these colors and designs and angles are. I mean you had Rose gold accents to anything, It’s like when you go fishing for like a specific type of fish And you ( mumbles ). This is what they’re doing to me:
( mumbles ), Yes Put this on a fishing pole, You’re gon na catch ..

We should probably turn this on now, because I can’t get any more hyped up than I already am So depending upon where you purchase this laptop. There are many different configurations, but this one is currently specked out with 16 gigs of Ram. It also has a one terabyte solid state drive, And this is gon na give you really fast read and write speeds. It’S got the Bang & Olufsen speakers,
I love the speaker design. Oh, it looks so good.

So this also has Intel Iris, XC graphics, And this is gon na. Allow you to launch apps faster and give you a new level of graphics and performance in such a small, thin and light laptop Setting up our fingerprint sensor.
I love that this has like a pretty large fingerprint scanner area right here. I’M also loving this top-down shot. I mean I can take my laptop and fold it backwards and you can see both my keyboard and the display It’s revolutionary.

So I’ve now got everything all set up.
I’M so excited to test this out. One of the things that, of course, we have to do first. Is I’ve got to go. Watch my own YouTube articles.

I just got to see how it looks on here. It’S very important business.

So the screen looks really good.
It’S super bright, especially even in this situation like we have a lot of lights in here and you’re still able to see it very clearly. I love that we can just fold this up like look at this Tablet mode.

It’S here, It’s got auto rotate on. I really like this tablet mode.
It’S very light, So we have a USB-C port over here, There’s also a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack Secret USB-C right here on the corner.
That’S probably the perfect spot for it to charge, And then we also have another USB-A port here for all of the things that we need to plug in.

So the speakers sound pretty good on my article. But what we really need to test out is: let’s play a nice royalty free track for you all.

Ready Take it away Royalty free track from the internet;
I feel like I probably should have picked like a more epic of a song You keep on telling lies. That is how we stay alive. Let’S see what it sounds like from over here Sounds pretty good Beat’s about to drop ( upbeat music, ).

Oh, this is great
God I love this laptop, so much I’m freaking out. Let’S test the webcam, I need to make a call using a web conferencing service, of which I will not name So we’re having a very important meeting. This is my HP all in one
It’S my favorite

It’S what I use for streaming When I’m streaming, it’s a nice setup for when I’m streaming, It’s very, very important business meeting. I’M just really happy with this! So far,
It’S working my pen Check this out, So this is the HP Stylus pen and because this can be used in tablet mode Like you can basically be using this to take notes I’ll.

Take your order. Please
This writes so nice Cheeseburger check For my cheeseburger. I’M going to need some lettuce, some herbs

I have a herb garden now in case you guys didn’t know. I’M gon na need extra cheese.
And just in case I forget, Oh, that was supposed to be yellow.

That was supposed to be cheese, but the cheese has gotten moldy because I have left it out of the refrigerator Oops moldy cheese I mean, isn’t cheese just mold anyway, So technically, technically
Okay, this writes very nice Wow, So cool. Thank you guys so much for reading, I’m so glad. I was able to show this to you, because this honestly is such a beautiful, laptop
Not only are the specs amazing, the screen looks incredible, the sound is awesome, but this design is honestly something that I’m so into. So, if you do want a very nice well-designed PC laptop, I think this is definitely one that you should check out.

I’Ll see you guys in my next article Bye, (, slow, dramatic music, )

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