It's so BIG! - Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

It’s so BIG! – Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

It wasn’t that long ago that a Xiaomi phone was off my list for potential daily drivers, just for being a Xiaomi phone, The cameras weren’t very good. The skins were ugly and unintuitive, and you could pretty much kiss your Android updates goodbye. But a lot of that has changed And the Mi 11 Ultra looks like a serious contender for daily driver.
I got ta say right off the hop. I love this little dig at Huawei.

You see that Mi 11 Ultra with easy access to the Google apps. You use most ( laughing ). You can tell who their primary competitor is right. Look at that look how hard that was!
A type-C to three and a half mil adapter Rest of the industry, take notes, Maybe don’t take notes on the pretty unexceptional included case.

This is something that’s always a challenge with anything, but basically an Apple or Samsung phone Unless the first party accessories are excellent.
You’Re pretty much stuck with kind of junky options, but the phone itself. This is where things get really interesting.

This thing is freaking top spec We’re talking Snapdragon 888 up to 12 gigs of Ram up to 256 gigs of storage and good Lord. That is not a camera bump, That is a camera mountain
It’S at the point where it’s not this, isn’t even a camera bump anymore.

It’S like having another smaller phone attached to the back of your phone. I mean look at this phone. It’S got a camera, it’s got a full. You know glass, front.

It’S got a screen.

That’S right! There’S a little 250 nit
I think it’s like a 1.1 inch screen on the back And it serves a couple of functions. You can use it as a preview for your selfies, So we’re gon na check that out in a moment, as well as as an always on display to just give you notifications, I guess, if you’re the kind of monster that lays your phone face down on the Desk because you’re not familiar with the basic concept that little micro grains of crap that sit on the top of things are what scratch your freaking screen.
Oh conveniently Xiaomi has included a built-in screen protector that contours reasonably well to the curved glass And I didn’t want it dark too many marks for the camera bump, because the included camera is really impressive.

Okay, we’ve got three lenses on the back. We’Ve got a Telephoto that does 5X Optical Zoom. That’S a 48 megapixel camera
We’Ve got an ultra wide, that’s also 48 megapixels and a 50 megapixel mainstream shooter. I mean it’s thick enough that I could see this getting caught on your pocket, Like. Let’S do

I mean it’s been a while, since I’ve done a pocket test, but Andy you ready for a pocket test.

Okay, let’s do a pocket test here. It’S not that smooth! You know getting it out easy, though
Okay, let’s say I was more of a camera down kind of gentlemen. Okay, that definitely goes in easier. Okay.

What? If I was a left, hmm See as long as I’m coming around. Oh that’s still a little oh boy, I’m thinking especially the ladies with tighter pockets. We might have to get a lady
Special agent Janice is here to investigate the usability of this phone. So here do you notice anything It’s heavy and it has this extra thickness It does it has.

I think extra thickness is a good way to describe it. I can try my back pocket.

That’S pretty typical, just like sticking out Yeah, but did it go in easily No well coming out, actually was worse ,’cause of the way the seam is Oh cause of the way the seam works When I took it out it definitely caught on the going in is Fine coming out is slightly weird
I don’t feel like it’s gon na rip, my pockets off Got it okay, all right! Thank you.

No problem, Thank you very much.

Thanks technology.
Oh, my goodness holy crap, the balance of this phone. It is very top heavy Like does that, look like about 50 % Andy or halfway. Let’S take a short break from the chunkiness though, And talk about charging for a moment. It’S got a 5,000 milliampere battery includes a 67 Watts charger.

Apparently, it even supports 67 Watts wirelessly, I’m more of a slow charging kind of guy, but your mileage may vary on that. Okay, there’s no putting this off then. Normally I’d want to spend time now talking about the 120 Hertz display – Oh, oh, oh So, smooth! Oh okay,
That is really smooth. Okay, it runs at 3,200 by 1400 resolution, So super high res, But we’ve got to go straight to the camera, because if you’re gon na have this gigantic fricking hill on it, it better have a really impressive camera.

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( phone camera, shuttering ) – That was a long shutter delay tastefully small hole. Punch though Not a good thing. It’S not actually thing There.

It is It’s! May there pickaboo? Okay, let’s switch over to the 5X
Okay, That is a sharp Telephoto and actually pretty pleasing natural voca to it as well. How about the ultra wide Now you can really see the studio there. Interestingly, Andy’s life comes back into his skin, a little bit more with the ultra wide

Thing you got ta remember guys is that your different lenses are completely different, imaging pipelines, so you can get very, very different, color reproduction from one to the next.

So here’s our Telephoto, Here’s our regular and here’s our ultra wide. So you can really see that the reds are more rich in red on this ultra wide

This is our Desk Pad lttstore
Com, They are a little bit more muted on both of these other ones. Man, that’s a cool design, Creepy, one
( Andy laughing ) One cool feature is it supports, recording article in up to 8K, which, frankly, a 24 FPS which, frankly, nobody should do [ Andy ], Dude. Oh, what is that It’s 8K on a mobile phone Like there’s, no point

They just don’t have the sensor size to record 8K To record 8K
Wow those speakers sound pretty good.

You know that’s a funny thing: they’ve got dual stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon, But Harman Kardon got bought by Samsung like ages ago, Like how weird is that going to a company, that’s owned by one of your primary competitors For help tuning your speakers on your Phone right,
You know what There is jutter cause it’s 24 FPS, but the preview is way worse than the actual recording Right. Of course, One of the features that I’ve been really supportive of, even though there’s never been a device, that’s implemented it that I’ve been willing to actually use is having a display on the back of the phone so that you don’t really need a selfie camera right, Because if you could just use your primary shooter every single time, why would you need like a mediocre selfie camera
This one right here is 20 megapixels, which is like fine. I guess I could take me some selfies. You know just like that.

But what if I didn’t have to do that?

What if instead I could use the rear camera with their like selfie assist thing? Okay, how do I do this, though? Oh hello? How are we doing here?
Why the hell would I wan na take a picture like this, But I guess oh boy, am I in a article recording mode?

What am I looking at? I guess you could just see the composition of it and all Hmm. Okay, that looks it’s always on display.
This has to be like a super, simple thing that I’m just totally missing.

Rear display for crying out loud, It was right there the whole time.

Okay, let’s take the greatest selfie of all time. Now you can’t really see very well what you’re taking a picture of, but there’s no doubt that the image quality of this selfie vastly exceeds what you can get with the actual selfie camera.
I mean look at this. I clearly need to pluck my eyebrows. I got a serious, wicked mono brow going on.

Let’S see if the selfie camera can catch, it

( selfie camera shuttering, ) Yeah, it’s got it, but it’s definitely blurrier
You see that Very noticeable, So if you’re not that into grooming, then I guess you’d probably prefer doing things real. Oh, I never went through the IO and all that So USB-C port for charging got. One of your speakers right here got your dual SIM slot over. In the side, you got a whole whack load and nothing over on this side. You’Ve got look at that another speaker, an IR blaster freaking love it especially now that Logitech Harmony, remotes aren’t going to be a thing.

I guess we’re down to using phones as universal remotes Volume, rocker and, of course, lock button. That’S another interesting feature, So it’s got Bluetooth 5.2, which comes with additional bandwidth, as well as some really cool functionality, including the ability to have a single source go-to multiple devices.
Now I wan na talk a bit more about this display 900 nits maximum brightness under normal conditions, 1700 nits peak brightness in HDR, and support for both HDR, 10 plus and Dolby Vision, which is pretty unreal.

And we’re going to have to give it a minute to not be at a craptastic bit right here.

Why you do this, I’m trying to look at a pretty display and you’re, ruining it Netflix. Okay, that way it’s picking up a little bit!
That looks way better, Not bad. Okay. I wan na crank these speakers, though So far very promising, ( article clip playing on phone ).

That’S too much ( article clip playing on phone ), Pretty good
( chuckles ), Pretty good good job, Samsung (, Andy laughing ) Couple other housekeeping items, then not only is it a high refresh rate display, it supports adaptive, sync So 30, 60, 90 and 120 Hertz, So it can drop down if needed. It’S got IP 68 water resistance and the Gorilla glass on the front, which is their Victus glass.

And then on the back of course, ceramic So should be fairly drop and scratch resistant, But, of course, I’ll leave it to the bold experts to tell us exactly how it holds up. As far as that goes, I think that’s pretty much it for my take. It’S heavy, it’s not particularly well-balanced, but it is certainly for a weapon snappy.

The screen and speakers are great.

And the camera’s looking pretty good so far with a little bit of work required in my opinion, on the color science, But other than that. I’M pretty darn impressed by this thing So subscribe to Short Circuit and see more articles kind of like this or different ones. I don’t know..

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