iPhone 13 Release Date and Price – The iPhone 12s or 13 Name?

iPhone 13 Release Date and Price – The iPhone 12s or 13 Name?

Vver, the years we’ve had such models as the iphone4 and the 4s, and even in recent years, we’ve hadthe iphone 10 and the 10s. However, a lot of us arewondering for this year will we get an iphone 12sor, the iphone 13 name in 2021. Well, we’ve hadanother leak that looks like it’s pointingtowards a certain direction, and i want to shareall the details about this report, along with thelatest on the iphone 13 release date and pricewith, a summary of everything we know so far.

Hi, it’s Matt here so welcome if you are new hereand welcome back. If you follow my articles alreadyfor everyone new, this article will be givingyou the latest leaks or reports firstfollowed by the release date and then asummary of the iphone 13 models with the pricesalso.

As there’s the reports coming in now forboth the iphone 13 and the 13 pro models. Theseleaks are split into two articles now so moving onit’s now july, and it’s been a month since wwdc wenow have public betas for all of apple’s. New os’sincluding ios, 15. ios 15 is giving iphone usersnew facetime features and imessage changes to namea. Few, however, expecting a few more software tweaksfor, the iphone 12s or the iphone 13 and for themto be married up with the new hardware put insideso.

One big question is about the name for the 2021iphone models: will it be the iphone 12s or will itbe the iphone 13

So a recent report has comein from edn or the economic daily news who hasshared a leak from a supplier chain that is sayingthe. New iphone 2021 model will now be called theiphone 13.. Now, a lot of us are thinking this can’tbe, true and apple would not use the number due tosuperstition. However, we have to remember: applehave used the number 13 many times before: inother hardware and software, for example, ios 13 twoyears ago, or the iphone 11 models and the iphonese 2nd gen are sporting, an a13 chipset inside theiphone 12 and the mini homepod event happened.

Onoctober 13th. Last year and they also called thesmaller pro macbook, the 13-inch macbook pro soin, my opinion, i don’t think apple – would be afraidto use the 13 name. I think, in my opinion, it’s moreif apple would choose to use the 12s or 13 namethis year. If we went back five years ago or soi would say that this year was going to be calledthe 12s as, for example, a string of names like the4 to 4s and the 5 and 5s and 6 and the 6s butafter that we had the seven. But no 7s, we wentstraight to eight and even the iphone 10

Howeverthere was the iphone 10s and that showed up againbut.

Then we had the iphone 11, but there was no11s. Now a lot of you are probably going to saybecause of the iphone 12 and it had a brand newdesign. This is why we didn’t actually get an 11swhat. Could technically be true, however, the iphone7 over the 6s isn’t a big design. Change.

Andneither was the eight over the seven, let’s behonest, so you can see it’s very confusing, timefrom apple right now to know if it’s going to be a12s or 13 this year. Another leap from john prosserrecently said: the next iphone is now going to becalled the iphone 12s and not the 13 as well. Butright. Now to me, and my own opinion, i think thisname is still up for debate, but i would make anobservation that so far more leaks and reportsare referring to the 2021 iphone as the iphone 13.so for right now at this moment and then thisarticle and my other future Videos, i’m stickingto the iphone 30 name until we get more leaks, orreports that say otherwise.

This also leads me onnicely to say that all reports and leaks thatare coming through are not 100 proof that theywill come true for the new iphone. I can onlypresent to you what i’ve been told and shownhowever if you’re reading this article, then you areas curious as i am in knowing what is going to besaid about the next iphone anyway. So, let’s do therelease date next, so last year due to the pandemicit was really the only year we haven’t seen aflagship iphone released in september in the lastfive years or so, however, with leaks flyingaround. That apple has started productionon the new iphone earlier this year. It is likelywe’ll, get a september release, in fact many reportsare already showing that this is going to be thecase in 2021, with an expected september or earlyoctober launch for all the iphone 13 models.

Wedbush analyst dan ives believes that the iphone 13range will be announced during the third week ofseptember time. That would be a little later thanusual since apple tends to launch iphones in thefirst week or second week of that month. But thisinformation does suggest that we may be seeingthe iphone 13 release date as september 24th. Ishould point out. This is a fairly good guess.

Andit’S, based on taking i’s prediction at face, valueapple typically holds its iphone launch event ona tuesday with pre-orders, then starting on thatsame week. On the friday, then, after this, the firstwave of iphones typically arrive in customer handsthe following friday. After that, so this means ifives is correct. We could be seeing the iphone 13launch on september 14th, then pre-orders, openingon september 17th, and then the release of theiphone 13 on september 24th. However, at the end ofthis year we will also see other apple events, forother apple products like macbooks, ipads, applewatch and airpods and loads.

More and if you wantthe latest information about these productsdo check out my other articles on this channeland make sure you hit the subscribe button. Andthe notification bell to get the latest infoabout them. So next, let’s talk about the iphone 13model prices and the best way to do this is giveyou a summary of what we know so far for theiphone 13 and 13 mini models. So i just wantedto say these summary pages. What i’m about to showyou are going to be updated continuously, wheneverwe get new leaks coming in for the iphone 13 miniand.

Also, the iphone 13

Any new leaks that come inwill kind of mix up with kind of other leaks, thatwe’ve heard that information will also be sharedhere so, like i said, any kind of changes they willbe reflected in upcoming articles in the future. Solet’S begin, then, with the iphone 13 model. So firstof all we’re going to be getting a 5.4 inch ltpooled display – and this is very, very similar to theiphone 12 display. It has a resolution of 2340x1080according to most leaks that we have discussedabout.

It is looking likely that the iphone 13 miniwill still have a 60 hertz refresh rate. Displaythis means it will not be getting the pro motiondisplay. What is a 120 hertz display? What basicallymeans the screen refreshes itself 120 times, persecond like we should be getting on the iphone 13pro and the pro max display. The mini will not begetting this, but for storage, wise we’re, goingto get a bump up at last, the actual minimumstorage.

This time is going to be startingat, 128 gigabytes, then 256, gigabytes and 512gigabytes. This is according again to latest leaksbut. This could change again, but at the moment thisis how it stands. We’Re also going to be gettingthat brand new a15 bionic chipset inside it andagain these new leaks that we’ve been having havebeen, showing what the power is going to be behindthat actual chipset, and also that productionhas also started on them. We’Ll also be goingto, be getting 5g connectivity.

All over again, andthis will be the same. Qualcomm kind of modem thatwas borrowed inside the iphone 12 is going to beput inside the iphone 13 mini, so not too much ischanging there. The ram amount is 4 gigabytes. Ofram and again this is the same amount that we hadinside, the iphone 12 mini. The body is going to bemade out of an aluminium body.

However, this body islooking likely to be slightly thicker accordingto, some latest new leaks to accommodate a biggerbattery. What i’ll talk about in a second on therear we’re going to be getting a dual camera setupagain and as you’ve seen in the latest, leaks we’vegot, some components on the go and a lot of thosecomponents are changing for the actual iphone rearcamera setup, then for battery size. We do have abump up according to the latest leaks and this is2407 milliamps and then finally for the price, wisethe 128 gigabyte model is going to be starting at699 us dollars. The 256 gigabyte model is going tostart 749 and then the 512 gigabyte at 849 usdso. Let’S move on to the iphone 13 next and tobe deadly honest, a lot of the bits and pieces whatare in the iphone 13 mini are identical to what’sgoing to be put inside the iphone 13 normal butone of the biggest main changes has got to be thescreen size.

So, with the iphone 13 we’re going tobe getting a 6.1 inch, ltpo oled display again it’svery similar to what was put inside the iphone 12normal. Its resolution is 2532 by 1170 and againwe’ll be getting a 60 hertz display. No pro motionor 120 hertz display, like we’ll, be getting insidethe iphone 13 pro and the pro max so basicallythe screen will refresh about 60 times per secondagain for storage, we’re getting that bump up from64 to 128 gigabyte as the starter, according tomany new leaks here and basically We’Ll be gettinga gigabyte and a 512 gigabyte option, as wellwe’ll also be getting that a15 bionic insideit. What again comes with all the new bells, andwhistles and, of course, being more efficient thanever we’re also getting that qualcomm 5g modem putinside, it was identical to the one was put insidethe iphone 12 normal we’re also getting fourgigabytes of ram.

Just like we had with the iphone12 again and then just like the iphone 13 miniwe’re going to be getting an aluminium body, andit’s going to be slightly thicker to accommodatethe slightly bigger batteries. What we’ve seen someof the latest leaks, we’re also getting that dualcamera setup and again that dual camera setup isgoing to have some big changes that we’ve seen inrecent leaks so far and then finally, the batterysize is going to be a 3095 milliamp batteryand. That is definitely bigger than the one thatwas put inside the iphone 12

For price rise it’sgoing to be starting at 790, us dollars for the128 gigabyte version, then the 256 gigabyte modelis going to be 849 us dollars, and then finally, the512 gigabyte model is going to be 949 us dollarsso, as per usual with this list of features i’llbe keeping. It updated as more leaks, come on in allthe way up to the iphone 13 launch. Well, it’s timeto wrap this up.

So don’t forget. If you have likethis article to press the like button and of courseto, hear the latest iphone news, apple news, reviewsand comparisons, please do hit subscribe, followedby the bell until next time guys see you soon. You

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