iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Design - First Look

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Design – First Look

Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotechand – these are the iphone 13 modelsthese are manufactured to give case. Manufacturersan idea of where the port placement is the overalldimensions and size of the upcoming iphoneand, thanks to Sunny Dickson for helpingme, get my hands on these and now i’velooked at these. For the past few yearsand they do tend to be pretty close to. Whatthe final will look like so as you can seehere’s the 12 pro max. The the model unit here andit’s a little bit different than what we had withthe final version and then again the 11 pro maxso.

It gives us a general idea of overall sizebut the camera module, for example, won’t be perfecthowever. It did show us a port that we weren’t sureabout previously. So on the 12 pro max forexample, we have the millimeter wave antennaand. It was a cut out on this model, so it showed usan idea of what to expect and it was pretty closenow. If we take a look here, you’ll see there’s fourdifferent models this year, as we would expect.

Sowe have three different sizes. Four differentmodels and apple could call this the 2021 iphonethe iphone 12s or the iphone 13

We’Ll just gowith iphone 13 for now, but as you can see, againwe have a new mini size and there’s some obviousdifferences here between the current one and whatwe have with this model. But the mini is said: tobe coming out for this year also, and it may be thelast year that they manufacture it based on poorsales. Now that could just be a rumor at this pointor. It could be true, but either way we’ll haveit this year.

It seems and you’ll see it looksslightly different from the 12 mini that i have inmy left hand. So the camera module is the biggestchange so from a design perspective it looksbasically the same, but they made the camerasdiagonally from the top left to the bottom. Rightand then moved the flash in the upper right andthe microphone to the bottom left. This seems tomake a lot of sense. The last year’s models werevery similar to what we had here with the cameralayout, and i do think the new model looks a littlebit better with that diagonal camera, but maybethey’re making room for some improved sensors aswe’ve heard that there’s supposed to be sensorshift stabilization on at least The pro modelsand, maybe all models with enhancements to thecameras overall, so that makes a lot of sensenow.

Also, you can see that the 13 gets the samesort of layout and then the 13 pro and pro maxhave a larger camera module. So this seems to bea little bit larger than what we expected on the12 pro max or what we have you’ll see: it’sactually, significantly larger and again. Probablydue to that sensor shift stabilization that weexpect in multiple cameras this year, there’s alsoenhancements that are said to be coming to theultra wide camera as well, with auto focus and moreand, maybe even larger sensors, possibly even 8kfor example. Now, as you can see, there’s just onecolor that i have here. It’S a white color butwe do expect there to be very similar colorswhere.

They would be glossy on the regular modelswith the pros having a matte finish now as far asthe colors overall. Well, it’s said that the pacificblue is going to be replaced with an orange colornow. This may or may not be true, but there’ssaid to be an updated orange. We got pacificblue to replace the green of the previous year. Soi would expect some sort of replacement.

This yeari’ve heard orange i’ve heard purple as well, but ithink orange could be a pretty nice looking colorit just depends what color it is so we’ll haveto see what apple decides to do with that overallnow the design. Overall, let’s take a look at thataround the outside edge. As it seems to be prettysimilar, but the screen is a little bit differentnow if we take a look on the edge, we’ll use the 12pro max for comparison, it’s basically the sameyou have your silent switch in the same placevolume buttons in the same place, almost the sameplace Everything’S just shifted up slightly andthen again sim card tray, so the sim card trayis shifted up a little bit the volume buttonsmaybe a little bit, but everything else seems tobe the same, including the line for the antennaon the bottom again, it’s the same where we wouldhave our Microphone, lightning, port and speakerno move to usbc this year. It seems again so we’resticking with lightning and then on. The other sidethis model does not have a cut out for millimeterwave.

Although they’re said to be enhancementsto 5g, maybe they were able to incorporate thatdifferently or maybe it’s just not on the modelsince. It’S not important to the case designsand. Then, of course you have your power sleepwake button, but nothing. There is different andthat’s. True of all of these different models, sothere’s not really any change to the overalldesign on any of them, whether it be the proor not.

However, i did notice one thing i wantedto mention and that’s the overall thickness thethickness does seem to be a little bit differentwhere. The 13 model is ever so slightly thickerthan the 12 pro max, and this is said to maybeaccommodate. A larger battery will have betterbattery life and maybe enhanced displays so that’spossible that they could make it thicker, maybe ahalf a millimeter thicker, but it does look to bea little bit larger. Now, with the iphone 13 pro maxbeing a little bit thicker, it could accommodatea larger battery. Like i said, the 12 pro max hasa 3678 milliamp hour battery and that gives it8 to 10, sometimes 12 hours of screen on timemaybe.

If they could bump that up to 4 000 milliamphours, maybe we could even get 14 hours of screenon time. So i would love to see them accommodatean, even larger battery, with that more efficientprocessor, that’s said to be in there now. Also thedevice is a little bit thicker and the camera bumpisn’t as large. However, on these models they tendto be not representative of the overall thicknessbut. It’S possible: they could shrink that in sincethe phone would be a little bit.

Thicker the modulecould be a little bit smaller than what we havealready now on the display. They don’t show a notchhere and i would expect a notch since we have acamera there, but on all of these you’ll noticethat, the earpiece or the earphone speaker is atthe very top. It’S not like that on the actualmodel of the iphone 12 or 12 pro max. It’S in themiddle of the notch it looks like they’ve movedat, the top on all of these models and againthese are fairly representative of what to expectso. It seems like they would be at the very top ofthe display.

Now, whether or not they were able tocompletely get rid of the notch. I doubt that manypeople have said that it’s going to shrink, butit looks like they’ve, relocated, the camera fromthe side of the the speakerphone or the earphoneto, the bottom of it or right below it. So itseems like they have changed this up a little bitand. We could expect some changes there and that’strue on all of these models. So you’ll see it’s atthe top on every one of them and if we match thatup to the 12, pro you’ll see that the earpiece isat, the top instead of in the middle of wherea notch, could be.

This could be great news forthose, who don’t really care for the notch. Butthe overall move to shrink the notch seems tobe the way we’re going. So that seems to be what weshould expect now. As far as the display itself, itis said to be at least having pro motion on thehigher end displays, but we could have pro motion120 hertz like you would expect, and that smallernotch now again improved 5g and also the priceis said to remain the same. So there shouldn’tbe any sort of price increase according to whatpeople are saying at this point, although you justdon’t know until apple actually announces it, sothose are just rumors as far as that goes, but theoverall layout seems to be the same as last yearand.

I really like the squared off design. I knowsome people, don’t they prefer the round designbut when apple switched to this. It reminded me ofgoing back to an iphone 4, 4s or 5 or 5s and thoseare my favorite era of iphone. So now we have thatsquared off design and i really really like itit feels very solid and premium and it makes sensethat they would keep it since they redesigned itlast year. So i wouldn’t expect much of a designchange other than camera enhancements and a changeto the to the display, which could be pretty majorfor a lot of people.

I really welcome that and ifthey put the earpiece there. That seems to make alot of sense. If we take a look at the prototypefrom the previous here, it shows that there wasa notch so you’ll see even on the model herethat. There was a notch on this year’s model. Therestrangely is no notch.

Maybe they’re able to hideit a little bit better, i’m not sure, but i wouldexpect a smaller notch. That’S narrower instead ofjust disappearing altogether. So, on the 12 pro forexample, i would expect them to shrink it this wayhorizontally compared to vertically so maybe theyfound a way to do both, but that’s it for a firstlook at what it could look like. I’M pretty surethis is what they’ll look like. It’S been accurateevery single year, so that makes a lot of sensenow if you’re going to pick up an iphone 13 i’dlove to hear from you in the comments below oreven, if you’re going to stick with what you’vegot now since ios 15 supports all the way back, tothe Iphone 6s series phone if you’re content, withyour phone, that’s great as well, but i’d love tohear from you, if you’re picking one of these upor what you think about that orange color aswell!

If that’s something that appeals to youor, you think they should do a different colorlet me know what you think would be best in thecomments below. If you haven’t subscribed alreadythough please subscribe and if you enjoyed thearticle, please give it a like, as always thanks forreading. This is Aaron i’ll, see you next time.

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