Amazon Fire 7 Review For Reading: Is It Worth $50?

Amazon Fire 7 Review For Reading: Is It Worth $50?

This is the Amazon Fire 7. It retails for $ 49.99 over on Amazon. Is the Amazon Fire 7 worth it for reading and other things Also? Is it worth the $ 50 ticket We’re gon na be doing a full rundown and all the features of the Amazon Fire?

7 And at the very end, I’m gon na give you my pros and cons and my deep thoughts with my experience on this, And also, if you stick around, I will hook you up with a 60 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited, which you can use with Amazon Fire 7: all the links are gon na, be inside the description down below

Let’S go ahead and get right into it, Discuss some of the features Now. The very first thing we need to discuss is the size
Now, that’s why people realize this, but it’s Amazon, Fire 7 for good reason. It’S not that it’s the seventh version or anything else. It actually is about 7.6 inches by four and a half inches by about half an inch a little less than that right here.

So it’s fairly convenient Now, if you were to say, compare this to something like the Kindle Paperwhite you’ll notice that it’s only just slightly bigger
So it fits in the palm of your hand. The weight is about 10.1 ounces. So it’s super light. I mean, just probably I mean hardly cumbersome Now.

This is where it gets pretty interesting. The seven inch display is what’s called IPS display.
And I didn’t know what IPS was So I actually had to Google this up. It’S called in-plane switching. Essentially this was an alternative to the’80s liquid crystal displays And all that to say this that this is good.

It’S great

It’S obviously way better than a 1980s LCD
Now I’m gon na tell you if you have any of the other larger versions of the Amazon Fire, it’s going to be a downgrade from that. So, for instance, I have a 10 – It’s not quite as good as that. 1080 P that I’m used to on the Amazon Fire 10, But that’s HD – and this is just normal definition –

To be precise, the actual resolution is 1024 by 600
And it has 171 pixels per inch, So it’s not the greatest, but it certainly is a step up from say a basic Kindle, because the basic Kindle, i think, is like 161. So it’s a little bit better And keeping in mind also it’s full color versus a Kindle basic that is just black and white. Now the storage capacity comes in two different versions.

It’S the 16 gigabyte and the 32 gigabyte, I’m kind of a spendthrift I stuck with the 16 gigabyte’cause. I felt all I really needed it, for it was just for reading.

And occasionally, maybe reading some articles, but in the event that you want to expand the memory you can actually use the micro SD slot. So that’s kind of a nice little additional thing. I honestly don’t foresee that I’m gon na be using that anytime soon, But it is nice that it is there.

Now the CPU and RAM is fairly modest, So don’t expect the same thrills and frills that you get with the Amazon Fire HD 10, But it is still pretty sufficient. It actually has a quad core 1.3 gigahertz CPU and one gigabyte of RAM
So don’t expect that you’re gon na be able to have a ton of programs open on this And, if not start slow down after a bit. So typically, whenever you’re done with an app, it’s probably a good idea to swipe it closed. Now, if you were to compare the actual memory for this versus the 10, the 10 actually has twice as much

It’S got about a two gigahertz octocore CPU and two gigabytes of RAM
So it’s much more equipped So again if you’re used to the 10 and you downgrade to something like this small just anticipate, it’s probably most good for just small things such as reading.

Now they do have sound. It is a single speaker, It’s a mono speaker and it gets quite loud. I mean it’s really loud.
Now is it the greatest sound? No, but I mean come on It’s a seven inch tablet.

I mean you’re, not gon na expect to hear a blasting sound system with a lot of bass in it.

But you can have a there is a stereo jack on this and it’s a 3.5 millimeter stereo jack
So, for instance, if you have some type of speaker, we have some headphones. You can plug that into here, And it’s also equipped with Bluetooth technology. So you can actually get some wireless earbuds.

If you want to listen in on something on this, And of course it’s got these nice little fancy handy dandy volume switches here on the very outside

I kind of like it
It’S at the very top of the device itself. You see, there’s the power button that you have here. Okay, we can swipe up here and we’ve opened it up And here’s the volume knobs. So you can actually move those up or down.
Again, it’s pretty loud, You see, I’ve got it maxed out right now, it’s probably not good for my ears And also this actually came with a micro USB cord.

It’S says that it has a charging time of four hours. Now I’ve had no issues in getting it charged up. The biggest issue I’ve seen is keeping that charge.

So, typically, what I’ll do is I’ll just keep it near a charging port of some sort and just leave it in there all the time.
So that way, it just doesn’t really die on me.

Okay, so the Amazon Fire 7 comes in four different colors. Now I’ve got this one right now in black alright, and it also comes in red, blue and green. Now they got some fancy names for them. It’S kind of almost like a pastel type, look to them.
Nonetheless, you get the idea, There’s also a 90 day, limited warranty for some reason.

You know something goes wrong with your Fire. You can always see about getting returned or replaced, But you’ve got to add to it as well since you’re buying it from Amazon. If something goes south or you’re not happy with it, Amazon’s got that real. You know, liberal return policy that for some reason you don’t like it just send it back and get refunded within the first 30 days.

I’Ve had this already for a few months, and I’ve been quite happy with it.

So far.
Okay – so you probably noticed this as I’m kind of waving this around that. Actually, there is a case now this case did not come with it. Alright, Previous article, I actually bought a Moko case for my Amazon Fire 10, But this one right here I spared no expense And I ended up getting the Amazon created one Now this is black case. It’S got a kind of a canvas type cover on it.

And also when you set it up, it has a magnetic backing to where you can actually fold it And you could set it up: lengthwise, Okay, so portrait or landscape, not too bad, And then, of course you can be able to close this up and it protects Your Amazon Fire 7, So if you happen to be commuting or you’re taking this with you and traveling, this plays a pretty good part in protecting your screen.
Now not too happy the fact that it actually the case costed about half as much as what the Fire 7 did at about 24.99. But if this prolongs the life of this Amazon Fire 7, then I’m all in

Again, there’s a link in the description down below for both of these products. Now, let’s go ahead through the pros and cons, because there are some great features about this: we’ve gone over
And there are some things that are little bit of a con, in my opinion, So let’s go ahead start out with the pros, And this is going to be the big one if you’re looking for a good upgrade to say the Kindle basic.

This is it. In fact, in most instances the Kindle basic it’s black and white, it’s gon na cost more and you’ve got less memory.
All in all like this is definitely an upgrade for less money And here’s. The cool thing is, I got the cover and I’ve got the Fire. 7

And if I were to go, get Kindle basic it’s about roughly the same, if not more, sometimes, for like 80 bucks, It is highly portable.

It’S just a bit bigger than most of the Kindles
But again, here’s a little bit of a point of reference. You got the Kindle Paperwhite here you got the Fire 7, not too much bigger just about an inch more And one of my favorite features, of course, that it is Alexa enabled So, for instance, Alexa. What’S the temperature outside And my Fire HD 10 decided with chip in so that was one of the things I would say is kind of wonky. If you got the same room, one’s gon na overpower the other, but you get the idea.

And you don’t have Alexa enabled over on a Kindle
So you really you’re missing out on something like that.

If you just get a Kindle basic for reading Now the cons Alright. So let’s just get it straight out the gate. It is slower than the more premium models like the Amazon Fire HD 10, But I mean honestly for the price. It’S really not that bad .’Cause I mean you’re going over to a Fire, HD 10 you’re spending about $ 100, if not up to $ 140.

For that, and that’s not including a case
So this is actually pretty adequate. In my opinion, The other con is, it needs a case all right unless you are super super safe with your stuff and you never drop anything. I would definitely recommend a case, but the case is half as much as the actual Fire 7 itself. So come on Amazon you backed down a little bit on that price. That’D be awesome.

And the last con I’ve already kind of mentioned this is the battery life is not the greatest. They say you can have it up two hours at a time.

You know, and honestly I see it’s – I charge this literally a couple days ago and it’s already at like 43 % battery power and I haven’t used it just sat here on my desk and so that just tells you it just doesn’t keep a good battery life, But you know it comes with a cord just put it near a charging port and just set it up on a stand and you’re good to go on that.

So, overall I give the Amazon Fire 7 two big thumbs up for the price. You get a lot of bang for your buck And I told you if you’d stick around to the very end.

I was gon na hook you up with something I’m gon na, give you 60 day free trial to Kindle Unlimited that you can actually use in coordination with your Amazon Fire 7. So when you go pick that up, you might as well just go ahead. Get yourself a 60 day free trial,
I’Ve got the links down inside the description down below, Go ahead and get that and hey. I was talking, and I was gushing so much about the Amazon Fire HD 10. Let’S go ahead and take a look at it in this very next article

You’Re gon na find out why it’s my favorite device of all the devices yeah, I’m sorry beats out.

The seven spoiler alert should have said that ahead of time and go take a look at this other article YouTube says you check it out, but I’ll see an either one of them.

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