Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 Review

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 Review

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Hi Kevin Purcell here and I’ve got the Acer Aspire, one cloud book 14. Now this is a notebook computer that runs Windows 10 and it’s really at the low end. This only costs two hundred and fifty dollars. Acer wants to make this an alternative to Chromebooks and give it a low end price and unfortunately the hardware goes with it. So let’s go ahead and show you what you get for $ 250.


First of all, what you have here is a 14-inch system. It’S a fairly thin and light for budget computers, it’s about three, just under three and a half pounds. Let’S talk about the screen. First of all, you can see that it’s fairly bright, I’ve got it set almost entirely to 100 %. I believe let’s go ahead and check that that’s that 25 percent – it’s hard to tell here on the screen on this camera, that’s at 75 percent, and so it’s not bad.


It’S not a terrible display. As you can see, the the text is a little bit washed out, but for the most part it looks fairly decent. Of course, as you can see the little sticker there, it says ready to talk. Cortana works on this one. It’S katana enabled, as you look at this keyboard, it looks like it would be a nice decent, spacious keyboard.


Unfortunately, there are some problems with it, and one is that down here this control key. You can hear that clicking sound every once a while. It makes sort of like a crunch, sound almost like there’s something down in there, that’s out of the box. It made that so I don’t think it’s because of something I’ve gotten. You know particles stuck down in there as I type on this keyboard.


Sometimes you have to really bang on the space key and some of the other keys to get them to show up on screen and that can be frustrating the trackpad isn’t as big as it could be, and it also is it’s responsive, but one of the problems That I have on a lot of Windows: keyboards is when you’re clicking. You know. I click, and I just naturally want to do this, but notice what happens if you do that? Often, what will happen is I’ll accidentally get too close down here to the corner and I’ll get a right-click. You notice that the right-click menu came up and it it seems to be inconsistent and it’s a little bit annoying.


You have to really make certain that you’re clicking over here. I always use my right finger to click, and so that’s a annoyance that you know trackpads. I really don’t like trackpads in general, but some I can use this one. After about a day. I quickly hooked up a bluetooth mouse which then degrades the battery life on it.


So let’s go ahead and talk about performance and battery life. It comes with an Intel, Celeron 3050 processor, I believe – and it happily has 2 megabyte or 2 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. Now the internal storage is not as fast as regular SSD storage and that low ram count makes this thing really slow. You saw how slow it took to reacts to open up the opening up. The settings.


Launching apps is really launching. Apps is really slow unless I click that app. That app is a Bible app. It doesn’t normally take very much to get it to launch but see it’s taking many many seconds just to load that thing and then the battery life on this system. They promise you up to 6 hours with the screen turned up to a usable level at 75 % instead of about 50 to 60 % on most computers, also with a bluetooth mouse connected because I’m just not going to use this trackpad.


That means I was getting. Maybe around four to four and a half hours, if I wasn’t really killing the the Wi-Fi on it, so no battery life was below average for a computer. This in this style and range course for the price. You know you can’t really complain too awfully bad notice. That that program is still not even launched, and I mean that’s just a real problem.


This this thing just really drags, and so the performance on it is is almost miserable. Let’S take a look at the ports here on the right hand, side all you get is a simple USB 2.0 port here on the front, there’s nothing! This shows you a little bit how thin it is, which is kind of nice, even for a cheap notebook and then over on this side you get the charger charger port HDMI out, USB 3.0 combination headphone microphone jack, and then we get a full size, SD card Slot on the back, of course, there’s nothing looking at the bottom.


Of course you get the vents and speakers are here and the sound is just okay, it’s not terrible about average for laptop. So let’s give you a conclusion on this system. It’S a budget computer. It’S meant to compete with Chromebooks personally, I’d rather have a Chromebook, Chrome, OS doesn’t take up much power, and so it would run on this system really well. In fact, Acer makes some of the best Chromebooks you can get the Acer Chromebook 11 and the Acer Chromebook 13 are two of the best Chromebooks that you can buy today and they’re about the same price, one’s a little cheaper.


Obviously this one also comes in an 11 inch, just like the Chromebooks, but Windows. Is it just takes up too much too many resources to run effectively on a budget system like this, and so unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to recommend this one. Due to the poor performance and the terrible keyboard and trackpad mediocre battery life and just okay screen, but you know, if you’re desperate for a Windows computer, this one does have 64 gigs, which is a little bit more than the HP stream 13, that we also reviewed And so you know it might be an option for a very small segment of people who can’t use a Chromebook because they need one or two Windows programs that take up more than about 32 gigabytes of RAM, which other low-end systems like this require. But really these days you can buy a better computer for maybe $ 100 more that will probably perform better, even if it does just have regular spinning hard drive instead of an SSD. You may not get any more battery life out of it, but you will definitely get better performance with a better processor and more more memory.


Windows requires at least four gigabytes to run use ibly. So this is the Acer Chromebook. I’M sorry, the Acer Aspire one cloud book 14 and it’s a don’t, buy.


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