2020 MacBook Air Unboxing!

2020 MacBook Air Unboxing!

1 gigahertz quad core Intel Core i5 512 gig solid state drive with eight gigs of RAM. It’S got the new backlit magic keyboard, It also has Touch ID and it weighs 2.8 pounds.


This really is a very powerful, tiny little machine and you can really do anything. You need on this thing,
I was editing articles on the previous version and now that this one has 8 % faster graphics, that’ll, definitely help out in the article production department, as well as editing photos and, of course, playing games and reading YouTube articles.

Let’S be real, I have spilled all of my I’ve spilled my drink, My foot’s wet, Oh god, Justine
My foot is soaking wet with Yerba Mate right now, There’s still a little bit left, ( laughs, ), I’m gon na go, get another sock and another drink, and maybe I’ll get a towel to clean this up. (, sighs ), I’m back! So, let’s just look at this beautiful gold, color
It’S so light That is the appeal of the MacBook Air is how light it is.


This really is a perfect little tiny computer. So, let’s turn it on. Let’S see what else is inside of the box, Our USB-C charging cable, the gold stickers

I really — [ Siri ] To use English as the main language press. The Return key, All right and last but not least, is our little USB charging brick. This is a really great charging brick.


I actually use this — [ Siri ] Mac OS contains a built in screen. Reader called voiceover if you know how to use voiceover press CMD 5. Now, When I’m traveling [ Siri ] To set up your Mac,
And we are all set up. There is nothing better than a nice fresh smelling. Mac Like if this is everything is so clean and new.


The arrow keys are also new. So this is to mimic the 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard, as you can tell they’re way: more separated,

So if you’re, not looking at your keyboard, you can tell which keys are, which and that’s in comparison to this one, which is the old keyboard. So that really is a huge difference. This has been new scissor mechanic keyboard. There is a lot more give when you press the keys down.


So I just realized my microphone wasn’t on. It’S like I’ve, never made a YouTube article before So one of the things that’s really great is Apple. Does have education discounts. So if you are in school, you can get this MacBook starting at $ 899. For all of us that aren’t students, it starts at $ 999

It comes in three different colors We’ve got a space gray, We’ve got the gold and silver There’s also two different options, depending upon which storage size So well, there’s the 256.


That starts at $ 899 and if you want to up the storage capacity, there’s a 512 and that’s starting at $ 1199
( upbeat music ). It is really great using this MacBook Air, because it’s so small I’m so used to traveling with now the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which considering is quite large So having this on a flight or going to classes, it’s so light, it’s so small. It’S so compact

But I think, what’s really important is the fact that they were able to hit a $ 999 price point plus be able to get all these upgrades. So three main upgrades you’ve got the new keyboard.
You also have a starting configuration of 256 gigs of storage and it has a faster CPU, a faster GPU and it’ll be able to handle most daily tasks, And you probably shouldn’t flip your computer around like that, especially me, ( laughs ).


I do want to do a size comparison, though of this and this 16-inch MacBook Pro ( snaps ). Oh, look what I have here: ( laughs, )! I do have a dbrand skin on this and it is pink
So my computer is not actually pink, So you can definitely see a size different. I mean this would probably fit in one of my small purses. This obviously is much bigger.


It is way more powerful.
You really do need to take into consideration like what are you using this computer, for You can definitely get away with editing article on this. No doubt about it, I will actually do a article test.

So I will prove it to you that, yes, you can edit article on here. If you want something, there’s a small form factor, you want an inexpensive Mac.


This is it Here. You go
So these speaker now have 2x more bass, 25 % more volume. It also has the three microphone array that is in the new 16-inch MacBook Pro There, making a really big deal about that, because they were saying that there’s a professional grade, microphone built in top your MacBook already, And I will say that I’ve recorded a lot of Vo projects, a bunch of things that people probably would have thought that I had a professional, crazy microphone set up.
But I really just use my microphone on my MacBook inside of a closet and you would never even know Let’s go test out the speakers and the microphone, So I’m gon na go in this closet over here. It’S I don’t even know, I’m not sure if I’m gon na fit

It’S all the same: Only the names will change Everyday.


It seems we’re wasting way. I’M gon na get a copyright strike.
And you know what, if Bon Jovi were to give me a copyright strike, I would accept it Because it’s Bon Jovi, I’m listening to Bon Jovi nonstop I’ve been in the house for a while. Did I make that
With your Crayolas – and I did – I got out some Sharpies – I was like I’m gon na make you this really nice welcome to the Staple Center. How long have you been on tour February March – and this is April – this is the third month.


Oh, that’s cool! So not too crazy.
Nah not too bad, I’m like 35 shows into it. So I’m not cuckoo (, guitar, chords, ), ( audience cheers ), I’m so glad you guys could all be here today. There’S nobody here yet, but soon this entire place will be filled with Bon Jovi fans me included.


These speakers are incredible.

Like it’s actually really really loud But know the place where faces are so It’s almost like Jon is here himself Now, it’s time to record some VO. Normally, I don’t actually use this closet. I use a closet that has a lot of clothes in it, But this is my office closet and I just have a bunch of gadgets in here.
So there is a little echo, but I think it sounds pretty good, Hey guys, it’s Justine, I’m here in the closet, recording some VO.


This is a nice day. ( dog, barking, ), There’s my dog. You can hear him in the background. That’S really all I have to say
I hope you enjoy it have a nice day. So if I sent that to a VO casting agent, do you think I’d get the job?


That’S really all. I have to say. I hope you enjoy. It. Have a nice day, ( laughs ).


I mean it sounds great
I don’t have to say that it sounds good, because I’ve used this in many projects and no one would ever know that I was recording directly off of my MacBook

Can I come out now [ Man ], Oh yeah, sure, Okay, So I’m gon na do a real, quick edit just to see how this handles article editing.
I’M gon na be editing a article about the Gnarbox You guys may have seen this before. This is basically like a hard drive, but you can put SD cards into it and you can connect this directly to your iPad. This can act as an external drive. This is so incredible when you’re out on the go You can just pop your SD cards in you can do automatic backups of cards.


I’Ll definitely be making another article about this, but if you’re wondering what I’m editing, This is what I’m working on. So I’m gon na make a little multi-cam clip here. I’M also gon na be screen capturing this at the same time. So that’s gon na be putting some added pressure on the system.
(, atmospheric music ): It’s running really well [ Man, ] Yeah.


This is the answer. I’Ve been a huge fan of Gnarbox for a while. Not only am I editing a multi-cam, I’m also screen capturing like it’s running great

[ Man ]: Are you using proxys or –, No [ Man ]? Is it set to better performance? I did put better performance Yeah.


I’M pretty impressed So really check this out and test it.
[ Man ], Can I just see Yeah come here. ( audio clip ), That’s impressive. I know It’s definitely making some noise
It’S chugging, It hasn’t even rendered into the timeline like nothing.

Like it hasn’t transcoded, I’m editing this basically just raw And I’m editing off of this solid state drive.


That is not a fast one.
So I forgot about that too. Well, I’m gon na keep editing this. If you guys want to hear full up on how the editing is going on with the new MacBook Air. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram And check out my Instagram stories, and I will give you guys a follow up there, But so far I’m really excited about this and I’m really glad that they were able to make a really great price point but also increase the Specs, I think that’s really important.

So I’m gon na go. I’M gon na keep editing.

And let me know if there’s anything else that you guys would like to know about this or anything I’ll see you guys in the comments Bye Looks so good.
I think now more than ever, people are questioning what is the perfect computer or what is the perfect device for me? I think you really do need to think about like what are you going to be doing?


If you’re doing a lot of high intensive editing editing 4K 8K, this might not be the computer that you do want to choose. You might want to look into getting more of the upgrade with the MacBook Pro. This is the machine, that’s perfect for doing word, processing for writing if you do photo editing.
But if you are looking to do more high production, then I definitely think that a MacBook Pro might be right up your alley, But for every else like this is an incredible computer. Let’S also go through and see if we can spec out what the high end.


Specs of this thing can be.

We’Re gon na add a 1.2 Ghz Quad Core
Jump to the Gen i7 16 gigs of RAM 2 TB of storage, And that will bring us up to $ 2129. So that’s a first look at the new MacBook Air. I am definitely really excited about this.


This is something that I do love taking with me when I’m traveling or if I’m out on shoots,
I don’t want to bring a big computer So, depending upon your computing needs, I think there’s so many different options that Apple has. But if you are a beginner, If you’re going to school, definitely take advantage of those educational discounts, because that’s huge .




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